Newsletter Number Seventeen – November 25, 2008



Shortly after Jack Swanson passed away on September 19, 2008, we received this e-mail from his wife.

          Dear Family and Friends,

            The attached document is the ”official” record of Jack’s life.  It amazes me that a 74 year life so rich and passionate can be condensed into such a small article.  Jack touched all of our lives in so many ways, you would think it takes a book to chronicle it all.  The kids and I spent this afternoon and evening going through 11 shoe boxes, a drawer, two albums and a bag of photos spanning his life.  We will have a slide show and photo posted on foam boards at the memorial service.  What struck me most is Jack’s beautiful, happy smile appearing in the photos over and over again.  I know I will cherish the memories we made together forever.  He will be missed.


From the attachment we learned that Jack was born on February 19, 1934.  He graduated from Deer Park High School in 1952 and then joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1953 where he served in Japan.  He was proud to be a Teamster in Local 690.  He was a member of the Bloomsday Roadrunners Club, the Marathon Maniacs, and the 100 Marathon Club.  He traveled all around the country running races, including 200 marathons and ultra marathons, and 31 of 32 Bloomsdays.  His special places were Hawaii and the Pacific coast, where he enjoyed running, camping and hiking.  Jack was a lover of life and full of passion in all that he did.  In his younger years he enjoyed riding and racing dirt bikes with hischildren, boating, building model ships, collecting antique bottles, and 31 years of involvement with the local running community, volunteering at numerous races, cross country and track meets, and Bloomsday events.  Jack lived a healthy lifestyle and enjoyed a level of fitness exceptional for his age until he lost his battle with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Bob and I have so many good memories of the times we spent together with Jack and Gunhild.  From Victoria, BC, across our country to the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, at our own Yakima River Canyon Marathon and at many races over the years in the Pacific Northwest we had good times together.

Jack ran his first marathon in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, in May of 1979 and he became a good runner with a Personal Record of 3:03.  We were with him and Gunhild the day that she won the women’s race at the Inaugural Columbia River Gorge Marathon and he completed Marathon #100.  They joined us in Washington, DC, on October 28, 2007, so that Jack, a proud Marine, could be a participant in the Marine Corps Marathon one more time.  He reached his goal of completing 200 MARATHONS in Seattle on November 25, 2007.

We’ll miss Jack’s smiling face at future marathons, but we’ll treasure the good memories of a special friend.

WELCOME to seven new members……………………….

Robert D. Britain (Doug) from Wayzata, Minnesota, is a Marathon Maniac (MM) and a member of the 50 States Marathon Club and 50 States & DC Group who has run a sub 4:00 hour marathon in each of the 50 states.  He’s currently working on doing the same in all of the Canadian Provinces and wants to complete all of the seven continents in the future.

On October 18, 2008, the day before the Grand Rapids Marathon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, my cell phone range while Bob and I were at the Expo.  Debie Johnson was calling from Louisville, Kentucky, to give me the exciting news that her husband, MM #460 Claude Hicks, Jr., (Fort Worth, TX)  would be running his 100th 26.2 mile marathon the next day at the Louisville Marathon AND he would reach his goal of completing a marathon in all 50 states.  Counting his 8 ultras, he now has a grand total of 108.  We’re glad that he chose our Yakima River Canyon Marathon (YRCM) as his WASHINGTON.  For the past three years he and Debie have arrived early to be a part of our indispensable YRCM team.

The running friends of Gerry Hynes of Canton, Ohio, launched a blog/website to outline the journey of his 100th marathon.  The group was there for him as he completed this milestone at the Towpath Marathon on October 12, 2008.  Gerry’s first marathon was the Nashua Johannesburg Marathon on October 10, 1985, and his PR (personal record) is an outstanding 2:48:00.  He has completed 11 Comrades Marathons and has been assigned the permanent #8900.

The Walt Disney World Marathon on January 6, 2002 at Orlando, Florida, was the first marathon for Chester H. Kalb, II, of Key West, FL, and his 100th marathon was the Krol’s Diner North Dakota Rough Rider Marathon at Bismarck, ND, on September 20, 2008.  To commemorate this accomplishment he ordered a 100 Marathon Club medallion that has “Southernmost Walker, January 6, 2002, through September 20, 2008” engraved on it.  His PR for these 100 Race Walking Marathons is 4:42:32!  In addition to these walking marathons, he has an unknown number of running marathons prior to 1985 with a great PR of 2:50:24.  He ran/walked 1,656 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Washington, DC, to Cape Kennedy, Florida, to Disney World, Florida, in the summer of 1976.  He became a 50 States FINISHER on October 26, 2008, at the Dunkin Donuts Cape Cod Marathon.

We welcomed Don Kern, race director of the Grand Rapids Marathon, to the club on October 18, 2008, at his own race and presented him with his certificate, a #100 pin and a T-shirt.  We first met Don at the Portland (Oregon) Race Directors Workshop before he joined the ranks of “questionable sanity” folks (i.e., race directors!)  He ran his first marathon in Chicago on October 15, 1995, and his 100th at Memphis on December 4, 2004.  His total now is 166 marathons and 3 ultras.  He’s a 50 States FINISHER and a THREE TIMES CONTINENTS FINISHER.  His second time continents finish took 35 days and was completed on March 18, 2007.  His third time finish took only 33 days and was completed on December 20, 2007.  He is the only person to run all seven continents twice in one year!  WOW!!!

The first marathon for MM #691 Al Kohli, Jr., of Lomira, Wisconsin, was the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Hurley, WI, on August 10, 1985, and his 100th marathon was on September 21, 2008, at the Fox Cities Marathon at Appleton, WI.  As of December 9, 2007, he became a 50 States FINISHER who has a PR of 3:30:56.

A few years ago Bob introduced me to a pretty, young runner whom he had met on the course.  It was MM Leslie Miller who lives near our Renton home in Newcastle, Washington.  She had just become a marathoner after running her first one on May 5, 2002, at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in a time of 5:45.  Because I often volunteer at the finish line of many marathons, it became a ritual for Bob and me to wait for Leslie to cross the line.  Then an injury and “age” took a toll on Bob’s times, and the table turned.  Leslie started to wait with me at the finish line for Bob to come in.   Her PR of 4:03:19 happened at the 2007 Dallas White Rock Marathon.  She completed Marathon #100 on July 19, 2008, at the Crescent Forest Trail Marathon.  Adding more marathons at a fast pace, her total just two months later had jumped to 109 marathons/ultras.  We’ve known for a long time that 100 Marathon Club member Brenton Floyd holds the record for being the youngest male to complete 100 marathons, and now we know that Leslie Miller at age 28 set the record for being the youngest female runner to accomplish this.



With the addition of the 21 members listed in Newsletter #16 on August 23, 2008, and the current 7 new members, our total membership is now at 230.  On the roster the runners who have passed away are listed in bold faced italics.

What follows is the update on the activities, accomplishments etc. of the members who’ve been in contact with us in 2008.

  1. What member is the newest board member of the 50 States Marathon Club?
  2. Who is the 83 year old runner who just completed Marathon #300?
  3. What runner flew 4,400 miles and drove 1,400 miles to be able to run three marathons on Labor Day weekend?
  4. How old was Brenton Floyd when he ran his 100th marathon?
  5. Who ran her 200th marathon with three broken ribs?
  6. Which runner received a special commendation from the Illinois House of Representatives?
  7. Who has completed the most marathons in foreign countries?
  8. Whose career mileage has reached 130,000 miles?
  9. Who is the oldest club member still running marathons?
  10. Who became a 7 Time 50 States Finisher on June 13, 2008?


After a 2½ month layoff, 50 States Marathon Club president Tom Adair (Alphararetta, GA) had a negative split at the Eugene Marathon……even though the course is 90% concrete.  “As compared to asphalt,” he says, “concrete is EVIL.”  It was good to have Dan Archambeau and Lois Brown (Sebring, FL) join us at our April 5, 2008, YRCM…..Dan as a runner and Lois as a volunteer!

A few months after prostate cancer surgery Chester Baker (Montpelier, VT) broke his ankle.  We hope that he’s running again.  MM Steve Barrick (Kent, WA) has been joined by his young daughter, MM  Janna, at several marathons.  He is one of 25 runners who have completed all 8 of the Yakima River Canyon MarathonsDick Bartlett (Rock Hill, SC) is a 50 STATES & DC FINISHER.  Congratulations to Frank Bartocci (Rochester, MN) who has met a new goal and now wears a #300 pin.  Kudos to MM Dave Bell (Highlands Ranch, CO) for completing marathon #200 at Steamboat Springs on June 1, 2008, where he also ran his first marathon 13 years ago.  He’s the newest 50 States Marathon Club board member and received his THIRD TIME FINISHERS AWARD from Tom Adair at the Eugene Marathon.  We hope Lois Berkowitz (Riverview, MI) has recovered form her broken wrist and that this injury hasn’t kept her from her goals of being a 3 Time States Finisher and reaching Marathon #300.  MM Roger Biggs (Stevenage, UK) received his FINISHERS AWARD from the 50 States Marathon Club, the first runner from the UK to accomplish this goal.  He has a good start for his second time around as he accompanies Jack Brooks (St. Albans, UK) on his quest to become the second UK runner to do this.  We appreciate the many postcards that Roger and Jack send us as they travel all over the world, and we enjoy meeting them for one or two marathons per year.  It was good to have MM’s Paula and Steve Boone (Humble, TX) join us at our April 5, 2008, YRCM.  As representatives of the 50 States Marathon Club, they presented Roger Biggs his Finisher’s Award.  MM Jim Boyd (Seattle, WA) is another 8 time YRCM finisher.  Good to hear from Mike Brooks (Danville, ME).  Todd Byers (Long Beach, CA) just completed another Marine Corps Marathon barefooted……and that’s how he runs most marathons!

Good to hear from Chuck Cammack (Albany, OR).  We hope his back problems will get better soon.  Congratulations to 83 year old Burt Carlson (Mound, IL) who ran MARATHON #300 on October 5, 2008…..the Twin Cities Marathon.  Marathon #301 will be the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica on December 6, 2008.  He ran his first marathon 25 years ago at age 58.  As of March 2008, Eliot Collins Raritan, NJ) has completed 29 ultras and 85 regular marathons for a total of 114.  John Connor (Newport, KY) is working on his second round of states.  Good to hear from Harry Curtis (Cincinnati, OH).

Wannabe Beth Davenport plans to become a member on April 4, 2009, at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon.  This 50 STATES FINISHER has been planning ahead for a long time.  MM Bob Dolphin (Renton & Yakima, WA) is another long-range planner.  He has run all 8 YRCM’s and completed Marathon #400 at our March 31, 2007, race.  With a current total of 436 marathons, he’s on schedule for #500 to be at the 2012 YRCM when he’s 82 years old!  The articles that he writes about every marathon he runs are posted at ontherunevents.com, marathonmaniacs.com and marathonguide.com.  Eugene DeFronzo (Waterbury, CT) became a SIX TIME STATES FINISHER at Cordova, Alaska, on July 12, 2008.     MM Carol Dellinger (Spokane, WA) has a total count of 225 marathons.  She ran her 100th marathon at the age of 35 at Big Sur in California.  This makes her the second youngest female in the club to reach this goal.  MM Michael Dutton (Marysville, WA) ran his first Capital City Marathon in Olympia, WA, on May 22, 1994, and kept his string going by running this race last May.

It was good to get a list of marathons run by Don Ellis (Memphis, TN).  He’s well on his way to his second hundred.  Another member on the “injured” list is Eb Engelmann (Salem, OR) who is recovering from hernia surgery.  MM Chuck Engle (Columbus, OH) also known as “Marathon Junkie” continues his wining ways.  On Labor Day weekend he had 78.6 miles of racing with marathons at Pocatello, Idaho, Tupelo, Mississippi, and Columbia, Missouri.  That involved 4,400 miles of flying, 1,400 miles of driving…..three marathons with one overall win and two second places!!!  Later that month we were glad to see him at Lake Tahoe where he was the winner of the Tahoe Triple.

We always appreciate the special treatment Evan Fagan (Victoria, BC) provides for Team Dolphin at the Royal Victoria Marathon in October each year.  When Bob ran Marathon #300 there, he had champagne for him at the finish line.  This year the champagne was for Janet Green as she completed Marathon #200 in Victoria on October 12, 2008.  At the beginning of 2008, Virginia Farneman (Powell, OH) had completed 212 marathons/ultras.  Of these, 24 were in foreign countries.  Good to hear from Bob Fletcher (Fredericksburg, TX).  Our records show that Brenton Floyd (Harrison, TN) ran his 100th marathon at the age of 15 at the Ocean State Marathon in November of 2000.  Evil Triplet Ron Fowler (Seattle, WA) is another 8 time YRCM finisher.  He’s also the “official chauffeur” for the YRCM guest speakers.

We first met MM Laura Garrett (Copperas Cove, TX) at the Walt Disney World Marathon several years ago.  Since then, we’ve always visited with her at her jewelry booth at Expos and have purchased some things (as needed!)  It was good to see her at Lake Tahoe as she finished the Tahoe Triple and to get a hug from her as she neared the starting line of the October Marine Corps Marathon.  New member MM Barefoot Jon Gissberg (Seattle, WA) wrote a glowing report of Newsletter #16.  “You are able to cram so much amazing information about the members into so few words that I don’t know if my smiling and chuckling about everybody comes from amazement at your writing ability or amazement about the accomplishments therein.  It’s probably more of the former because you had me even grinning about me.  Now I’m really looking forward to #200.”  Peter Graham (London, UK) sent us an autographed copy of the book Living Makes You Run Longer written by 100 Marathon Club UK member Martin Bulger.  He’s a school teacher from Seaford, East Sussex in England and an avid runner with a total of 140 marathons, 7 ultras and many shorter races.  The book is well written and interesting as Martin describes his running autobiography which includes his philosophy and 30 years of running experiences.  He also includes stories from 16 running friends about their running experiences.  Anyone interested in this book could get information from the publisher at www.olympiapublishers.comDr. Janet Green (Courtenay, BC) wore bib #200 as she completed her 200th MARATHON in Victoria, BC.  Her first marathon and her 100th marathon were also at this race.  This one was the biggest challenge for her.  Despite three broken ribs from a fall at the hospital where she works, she ran #199 at Leavenworth, WA, the weekend before to be able to reach her goal of 200 at Victoria.

Good to see MM Rick Haase (Shoreline, WA) at the 2008 YRCM.  MM Jeff Hagen (Yakima, WA) and his wife Joyce shared their Williamsburg, Virginia, timeshare with Team Dolphin for a few days before the Marine Corps Marathon.  It was great being together on race day in Washington, DC, too.  MM Eddie Hahn was a “Grand Slam” Rock ‘n Roll finisher after completing the San Jose Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on October 3, 2008.  He had previously run the Rock ‘n Rolls Arizona, San Diego and Country Music marathons.  The House of Representative of the 95th General Assembly of the State of Illinois congratulated MM Boonsom Hartman (Chicago, IL), the Lipstick Lady, on running 2 marathons in each of the 50 States and DC, on being the 31st person ever to make this distinguished list, and being the first person to achieve this from the State of Illinois.  It was good to spend some time with her and her husband Scott at the recent Grand Rapids Marathon.  From the newsletter of the 50 & DC Group, we’ve learned that Wally Herman (Ottawa, ON) has completed 99 marathons in foreign countries, more than anyone else in the group.  Here’s a quote from an e-mail we received from Rick Hermelin (Westlake Village, CA) after he started wearing a 100 Marathon Club T-shirt to races, “I wore the club T-shirt this morning at the Surf City USA ½ Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA, and two weeks ago at the Carlsbad ½ Marathon in Carlsbad, CA, and wanted to share the positive comments I have received from other runners.  Mostly they say how inspiring it is to them to meet someone who has completed 100 marathons and how they feel more motivated.  The shirt is a good conversation starter.  I have spoken to more people this last two runs than ever before.”  We were pleased to be included in the 60th birthday surprise for Bob Hildebrandt (Fairbanks, AK) by his wife Patsy.  Having recovered from knee surgery and other Achilles tendon/foot problems, he enjoyed a trip to Kansas where he grew up to celebrate and to run the Heartland 50 Miler.  MM Harry Hoffman (Stuart, FL) became a 50 STATES FINISHER on June 23, 2007.  Steve Holehan and his wife Parvaneh Moayedi have run all five Dallas Big D Marathons.  It was great hearing from Tom Hosner (Trabuco, CA) that he likes his “100” medallion and enjoys wearing his club T-shirt.  We’re glad that Raymond Hoyle (Watford Herts, UK) returned to Washington State for another YRCM.

Wannabe MM Deborah Ingram (Gainesville, FL) joined us at our 2008 YRCM.  Debbra Jacobs-Robinson (Burbank, CA) is enjoying her new club medallion honoring her 100th marathon at San Francisco.  Deo Jaravata (Granada Hills, CA) ran MARATHON #150 at Rock ‘n Roll San Diego on June 1, 2008.  Ultra runner Karl Jensen (North Vancouver, BC) informed us that he ran the Bighorn 100 Miler in New York last June in a time of 28:34:41.  Good to hear from Evil Triplet Greg Judge (Renton, WA).  We miss seeing him at the races.  It was fun being David Jones (Seattle, WA) at the January 1, 2008, Fort Steilacoom Running Club’s Resolution 5 Mile Race.  Actually, I was happy to pick up his ribbon at the awards ceremony.  David is another 8 time YRCM finisher.

Annie King (Decatur, GA) became a 2nd TIME 50 STATES & DC FINISHER at Cordova, AK, on July 12, 2008.  It was good to see wheelchair racer and 50 STATES MARATHON FINISHER Holly Koester (Walton Hills, OH) at the starting line of the October 26th Marine Corps Marathon.  We heard from Andrew Kotulski (Montclair, NJ) about his “Fantasy Weekend” when he ran his 30th Boston Marathon and his 600th MARATHON!!!  “A stroke in Dec., Jan & Feb. along with a broken arm and shoulder and gashed knee (Sedona Marathon ) were setbacks that left me the challenge of four marathons in March to get to the round numbers we all like.”  We were glad that ultra runner and race director Scott Krell (Snohomish, WA) was able to participate for the first time in our YRCM this year.  Our thanks go to Evil Triplet Jim Kunz (Seattle, WA) for keeping us supplied with personalized U.S. postage stamps.  Even the post office clerks are surprised when they see the faces of Team Dolphin on outgoing mail!

Wannabe Bernadette Landgon (Portland, OR) hopes to reach #100 in June 2009.  Nita Kay LeMay (Hawthorn Woods, IL) had three minutes of fame on ABC7 in January of 2008.  Good to see Bob Lehew (Tulsa, OK) at YRCM #8.  To update statistics for Bob Livitz (Houston, TX), he became a 50 STATES & DC FINISHER at the New Hampshire Marathon in Bristol, NH, on October 5, 2002.  On May 25, 2007, he completed his 20th Andy Payne Marathon at Oklahoma City, OK.  MM Robert Lopez (Seattle, WA) was the first person to sign up for the April 4, 2009 YRCM!!

Good to hear from Bill Mack (Defiance, OH).  At the beginning of 2008 it was great to receive a “Thanks for being my friend” e-mail from MM Larry Macon (San Antonio, TX).  Larry runs a “jillion” marathons every year, so we’re sure he has friends all over the world.  He plans to be a 7 TIMES FINISHER soon.  Following in Bob Dolphin’s footsteps, MM Jon Mahoney (Palm Desert, CA….formerly of Vernon, BC) chose the Royal Victoria Marathon in Victoria, BC, for his 300th MARATHON.  It was a pleasure to present him with a special medallion and his #300 pin after he and his wife, MM Sherry, crossed the finish line together.  Congratulations!  It was an honor for us to sit at the table with guest speaker and Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray (North Andover, MA) at the Marine Corps Marathon Dining-In Meal on October 25, 2008.  Dave has run 123 marathons including 37 Bostons.  He ran the last 21 of these at night after his race director duties were completed.  His career has reached 130,000 miles of running that include runs from California to Boston, MA.  Each year on his birthday he runs a mile for every year of his age and raises money for a cancer charity, the Jimmy Fund.  This year’s 54 mile run commemorated the 30th anniversary of his cross country run and started at 4:20 a.m. at the FINISH line of the Boston Marathon.  At 6:50 p.m., about 15 minutes before the Red Sox game, he was welcomed at Fenway Park as he completed his fabulous birthday run in front of 25,000 fans.  At 88 years of age Don McNelly (Rochester, NY) is the oldest club member who is still running marathons.  We appreciate receiving the many postcards from MM Alan Morton (Tywyn Gwyness, Wales) that he sends from his worldwide marathon travels.  We’re glad that he runs the YRCM on an annual basis.  Good to hear from MM Dana Mosell (Walnut, CA).  Another 8 time YRCM finisher is Jose Nebrida (Chicago, IL).

Good to hear from Jim Ottinger (Vestavia, AL).  Mae Palm (Geribaldi Highlands, BC) ran the Comrades Marathon in South Africa on June 15, 2008.  It was great seeing her at the Royal Victoria Marathon on October 12, 2008.  Here are some statistics about MM Van Phan (Maple Valley, WA) from the Sunday, June 15, 2008, Seattle Times newspaper:  “In 2006 she ran 53 races, 29 ultras and 24 regular marathons.  In 2007 the total was 51 and she hopes it will be 51 again this year.  She started running marathons in 2001 and had amassed a total of 70 marathons and 90 ultras by mid-2008.”  In addition to working a full time job and being race director of the successful Tacoma City Marathon MM Tony Phillippi (Tacoma, WA) is the webmaster for the 100 Marathon Club North America AND did a great job of upgrading the 2009 YRCM registration form.  Good to hear from MM Cheri Pompeo (Woodinville, WA).  Bob welcomed MM Mel Preedy (Ravensdale, WA) into his age group when he turned 75 last April.  So, now Bob is really looking forward to the October 4, 2009, Portland Marathon, the day he’ll celebrate his 80th birthday and move away from Mel again.  Mel is another 8 time YRCM finisher.

Welcome to new wannabe Karen Queally who is close to the “Magic #100.”  Chris Ralph (Kirkland, WA) and Tom Ripley (Sammamish, WA) continue to direct the difficult Plain 100 Mile Race.  On September 21, 2008, there were 26 starters and 14 finishers who brought the 11 year total to 47 finishers.  MM Fenny Roberts (Salem, OR) ran 124½ miles on June 13-14, 2008, at the Salem 24 Hour Cancer Run!  She sings the national anthem before the start of each YRCM and is one of two women who have completed all 8 YRCM’s.  I appreciate all of the get-well cards and e-mailed good wishes that MM Henry Rueden (DePere, WI) has sent in the past two years.  He’s a 6 TIME 50 STATES FINISHER.

Edson Sanches (New York, NY) is a 2nd TIME AUSTRALIAN FINISHER.  We look forward  to seeing MM John Schaap (Louisville, KY) at the 2009 YRCM. Good to hear from MM Ray Scharenbrock (South Milwaukee, WI).  In his “Furnace Creek 508” bicycle competition report, Del Scharffenberg (Milwaukie, OR) shared that his time of 37:10 was his 2nd best overall time and his best by three hours since turning 60.  Another 8 time YRCM finisher was MM Jim Scheer (Vancouver, WA).  As of August 2008, Clay Shaw (York, PA) had run a total of 156 marathons in 19 countries.  Good to see Dan Shuff (San Antonio, TX) at YRCM #8.  Jim Simpson (Huntington Beach, CA) became a 7 TIME 50 STATES FINISHER at Bear Lake, Idaho, on June 13, 2008.  He’ll become an 8 time finisher soon!  Mark Stodgill (Duluth, MN) ran his 200th MARATHON at Mid City in Rochester, MN, on May 25, 2008.  Good to hear from Jerry Sullivan (Melairie, LA).  We appreciated all of the e-mails and calls from MM Gunhild Swanson (Spokane Valley, WA) to keep us posted on the 2008 health challenges that Jack had.  Our hearts go out to her at the loss of her husband…..her best friend and running partner.  A big THANK YOU goes to Seth Sundin (Spokane, WA) for being a volunteer at our 2008 YRCM.

It was great being at the finish line of the Royal Victoria Marathon on October 12th to give Annie Thiessen her finisher’s hug!  It was good to see MM Cathy Troisi (Cohoes, NY) at the finish line of her Tahoe Triple in September.  Good to hear from MM Dave Vent (Spokane, WA).

MM Michael Wakabayashi (Spokane, WA) is another runner on the “injured list.”  We hope his Achilles tendon has healed by now.  MM Gregg Walchli (Woodinville, WA) received his 50 STATES FINISHER’S AWARD at the 50 States Marathon Club’s reunion in Eugene.We appreciate all of the reports from John Wallace (Longoboat Key, FL) as he travels all over the world as “Maddog.”  His totals as of November 23, 2008, are:  311 marathons and 96 countries….and he’s a TWO TIME 50 STATES FINISHER.  Good to hear from Carol Westerman (Louisville, KY).  Bill Whipp (Harrison, OH) is about to become a 50 States Finisher for the SECOND TIME.  Good to see Jay Jacob Wind (Arlington, VA) briefly at the Race Directors Boot Camp of the Marine Corps Marathon.

MM#1 Steve Yee (Renton, WA) is the last 8 time YRCM finisher mentioned in this newsletter.  Of the 25 who are still on this list, 10 are 100 Marathon Club members.

The first person to respond to my long January 3, 2008, newsletter was John Zeleznikow (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).  While on sabbatical from Victoria University, he spent time at Amherst, MA, and was able to run marathons at Missoula, Adirondacks, Portland (ME), Hartford & Newport (RI), and Cape Cod …..as well as Quebec, Montreal and Halifax in Canada.
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If you need help, here are the answers to the 10 questions about our club members.

  1. Dave Bell; (2) Burt Carlson; (3) Chuck Engle; (4) 15; (5) Janet Green; (6) Boonsom

Hartman; (7) Wally Herman; (8) Dave McGillivray; (9) Don McNelly, Age 88; (10) Jim

The 100 Marathon Club North America has no dues but meets its expenses from donations and through a small profit made on the sale of club T-shirts, pins (in increments of 100) and personalized medallions.  Please contact us if you’re interested in making any purchases…..and let us know about your activities and goals as well.


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