Welcome to Scott Krell (Snohomish, WA), new member since the November 22, 2007, newsletter.  The Portland Marathon at Portland, Oregon, on September 27, 1987, was his first marathon, and less than seven months later he ran his first ultra, the 46.2 mile Falls to Gasworks Park Race at Seattle.  His 100th marathon was the CCC100 on August 28, 2005.  His totals now are 80 ultras and 32 regular marathons.  On his “Special Accomplishments” section of his entry form he wrote, “None.  I am a mid to upper third of the pack runner.  I qualified for my first Boston at the Portland Marathon in 2006, so will run it in 2008.”  We’ll add an accomplishment for Scott…..he’s a great race director who puts on good races and provides a lot of amenities for all participants.  Check out www.nwultras.com to find out about Scott’s 20th Century 100K Trail Run on May 31, 2008, the Ghost of Seattle Marathon on November 29, 2008, the Birch Bay Ghost Marathon on December 13, 2008 and the Tiger Dumb Ass 50K that was held on December 5, 2007.

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                                                      THE HUNDRED MARATHON CLUB – FROM “A TO Z”

The membership count of November 20, 2006, showed a total of 181.  Since then 21 new members have been added to our roster for a new total of 202.  James Munson, Betty Mae Burrell and Bruce Katter have passed away, so they’re listed in bold faced italics. 

What follows is the update on the activities, accomplishments etc. of the members who’ve been in contact with us in the past year.

  1. Who is the first person from the United Kingdom to become a 50 States FINISHER?
  2. Who won the 50 States & DC Group’s 2007 Humanitarian Award?
  3. Of the 26 marathoners who have completed all seven Yakima River Canyon Marathons (YRCM), how many are members of the 100 Marathon Club North America?
  4. Who has a string of running a monthly marathon for (probably) 171 months?
  5. Who wrote “Farewell to Marathoning” after running his last one at the October 20, 2007, Marine Corps Marathon?
  6. After setbacks from chemo and radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer, who made a comeback to complete his 200th marathon at the inaugural Eugene Marathon on April 29, 2007?
  7. Two married couples hit big milestones last year.  Which couple completed marathon #200 and #350 and which couple both completed #200?
  8. What two runners from the same city will reach a milestone in 2008 of running at least one mile per day for 25 consecutive years? 
  9. Who is the director of the Tacoma City Marathon and webmaster for the 100 Marathon Club North America?
  10. Who has completed 500 marathons, been a 50 States FINISHER 5 TIMES, has done all seven continents and completed all Canadian provinces?
  11. From the same state as #10 (there must be something in the water they drink!) who has FINISHED THE STATES 9 TIMES, completed a half marathon and marathon on all continents?
  12. MarathonGuide.com listed three of our club members as “#5 Outstanding Female and #1 and #7 Outstanding Male Marathoners for 2006.”  Who are they?


On October 7, 2007, Tom Adair (Alpharetta, GA) completed his 250th marathon at Cologne, Germany.  Michael Alsworth (Swindon Wiltshire, England) came to Vegas in 2007 to run his 200th marathon.

The total as of 2005 for Gene Bandler (East Meadow, NY) was 124 marathon completions.  Steve Barrick (Kent, WA), race director of the Green River Marathon, is one of 26 participants who have completed all seven YRCM’s.  It was good to hear from Frank Bartocci (Rochester, MN) that he plans to run the YRCM #8 on April 5, 2008.  Good to stay in the same motel with Dave Bell for the October 28, 2007, Marine Corps Marathon and to have dinner with him and others after the race.  Lois Berkowitz (Riverview, MI) continues to do a good job as editor of the 50 States Marathon Club Newsletter.  Marathon #210 was run by Victor Bhatt (Sugarland, TX) in Austin.  Congratulations to Roger Biggs (Stevenage, United Kingdom) for being the first runner from his country to become a 50 States FINISHER when he ran the December 9, 2007, Honolulu Marathon.  He’ll receive his award at YRCM #8 in April.  We hope he starts again to become the first one to do it twice!  We’ve enjoyed many marathons with him on his first quest, and we appreciate the postcards he’s sent us from his travels.  As of July 2007 his total were 408 regular marathons and 19 ultras.  Congratulations to Paula & Steve Boone (Humble, TX) for recent milestones.  Paula’s:  Marathon #200 on May 20, 2007, at the Delaware Marathon in Wilmington. and completing the states for the 2nd time.  Steve’s: Marathon #350 and 3rd time around the states at Humpy’s Marathon in Juneau, AK, on August 19, 2007.  Keep your marathon race reports coming, Jim Boyd (Seattle, WA).  They’re always interesting to read, especially since we’re at many of the same races…..and seven times at the YRCM.  John Bozung (Orem, UT) had a string of 158 consecutive months of running a marathon the last time we heard from him……so it’s probably up to 171 by now!  He’s the race director of the Squaw Peak 50 Miler Trail Run and ran his 250th marathon on May 5, 2007, at the Wild, Wild West Marathon at Lone Pine, GA.  Jack Brooks (St. Albans, United Kingdom) is another Brit who keeps us informed of his “50 States Adventures” with frequent postcards.  We look forward to seeing him in Yakima next April.  I followed the advice of  “Dr.” Mike Brooks (Danville, ME) who sent me this e-mail on September 10, 2007, “Don’t worry about the Newsletter, just take care of yourself.  Glad to hear you are out and about.  Hope to see your smiling face soon.”  My response to the e-mail from Ron Bucy (Bridgeport, WV) was a long phone call where we compared notes on my July 10, 2007, open heart triple by-pass surgery and his July 19, 2007, open heart aortic valve replacement surgery.  We wish him a speedy recovery.  We enjoyed the presentations by wannabe Amby Burfoot at the October 2007 Royal Victoria Marathon.  Good to hear from 88 year old Ed Burnham (Kansas City, MO).  We’ll miss the e-mails and cards from Betty Mae Burrell (Harrison, TN), sister of Jim Simpson, who proudly kept us informed of the amazing marathoning of her grandson Brenton Floyd.  Betty passed away on July 28, 2007, after suffering a heart attack.  Todd Byers (Long Beach, CA) shocked people on the viewing stand at the starting line of the Marine Corps Marathon when he left the runners to take my picture.  I had to answer a lot of questions about his bare feet!

Congratulations to Chuck Cammack (Albany, OR) for completing marathon #200 at the inaugural Eugene Marathon in Oregon on April 29, 2007.  Chuck’s first marathon was in Portland in 1980, and he continued running until chemo and radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer sidelined him in 2004.  His comeback race was the 2005 YRCM.  He finished it, but unfortunately he broke nine vertebrae during the race.  Kudos for his second comeback to beat all odds to reach #200!  Good hearing from Eliot Collins (Raritan, NJ), John Connor (Newport, KY), Francesco Criniti (Philadelphia, PA), and Harry Curtis (Cincinnati, OH).  From Richland, WA, 87 year old Harold Copeland informed us that he is running very little now, mostly walking and bicycling.  He was at the finish line of the March 31, 2007, YRCM to congratulate his longtime friend Bob Dolphin as he completed his 400th marathon. 

Wannabe Beth Davenport (Santa Fe, NM) became a 50 States FINISHER on April 14, 2007.  Good to see Rich DeCample (Renton, WA) at the November 2007 Seattle Marathon where he volunteers at Mile 25 each year.  Congratulations to Eugene DeFronzo (Waterbury, CN) who completed his 300th marathon at Casper, WY, on June 5, 2006.  He’s a 5 TIMES 50 STATES & DC FINISHER!  Carol Dellinger (Spokane, WA) ran her 215th marathon December 2, 2007, at the California International Marathon in Sacramento.  Good to hear from Don Dickmeyer (Omaha, NE).  Elaine Doll-Dunn (Spearfish, SD) is the director of the Leading Ladies Marathon in August in Spearfish.  She writes a weekly column on fitness for her local paper, has published her book Gotta Run…Life is a Marathon, So Double Tie Your Shoes and should have book #2, Running On…A Sole’s Journey, available now, too.  This has been quite a year for Bob Dolphin (Renton/Yakima, WA).  He was presented the “Humanitarian Award for 2007” by the 50 States & DC Marathon Group.  As co-director of the Yakima River Canyon Marathon, he has completed all seven of these races and finished marathon #400 there on March 31, 2007.  Bob’s articles that he writes about all of his marathon adventures can be found at www.marathonmaniacs.com and at www.MarathonGuide.com.  Starting with the Eugene Marathon on April 29th, he ran 7 marathons in 7 consecutive weekends in 2007 at age 77!!    John “The Penguin” Bingham had been the celebrity guest for our March YRCM and featured Bob in his October 2007 Runner’s World Magazine article (page 62!)  His biggest challenge for the year was learning new domestic and care-give skills as he took care of me after my July 10th surgery.    He’s always there when I need him!  Good to see Michael Dutton (Everett, WA), our “adopted grandson,” at the Capital City Marathon in Olympia, WA, last May when he introduced us to baby Matthew Merwyn Dutton who joined the family on March 14, 2007. 

Injuries have kept Eb Engelmann (Salem, OR) from running for most of 2007.  We hope that 2008 will be a better year (for a lot of us!)  Good to see Chuck Engle (Columbus, OH) at the pasta feed in Huntington, WV, the night before he won the Marshall University Marathon on November 4, 2007.  He was #1 on the MarathonGuide Male Outstanding Marathoner for 2006 list.  Thanks for the good wishes and kind words from Rosemary Evans (Flemingsburg, KY).  

Evan Fagan (Victoria, BC) was the person responsible for making Bob Dolphin’s 300th marathon, the Royal Victoria Marathon, so special a few years ago.  He continues to make our annual Victoria weekend a highlight of each year.  Good to hear from Virginia Farneman (Powell, OH) and Frank “4F” Fleetham (Seattle, WA).  Ask him why Lary Webster and Lenore Dolphin changed his nickname to “5F” at a Pacific Rim One Day Run some years ago.  Last year Betty Mae Burrell updated the running accomplishments of 2006 for her 21 year old grandson Brenton Floyd (Harrison, TN).  In addition to completing another year at Chattanooga State, he ran his 300th marathon, did his first 100 mile run, won 3 ultras, ran 22 marathons and 28 ultras (total of 50), completed 50 States & DC for the 2nd time, had a grand total of 336 (252 marathons & 84 ultras).  As of February 5, 2007, his total moved up to 258 marathons and 86 ultras (344 altogether).  The Umstead 100 at Umstead, NC, was #350 on March 31, 2007, and his 100th ultra on August 18, 2007, was the Way to Hot 50K in Peach City, GA.  WOW!!!  And he’s only 22 years old!  Ron Fowler (Seattle, WA) has two streaks going….on March 18, 2008, he’ll have run at least one mile per day for 25 consecutive years!  A little less impressive, but important to us, is that he has completed all seven YRCM’s.  To find out what Ron does in his spare time, check out www.HutchBook.com and www.Seattlehistorycompany.com.  He’s an avid bottle collector and Seattle history buff.  Check out the December 2007 issue of Northwest Runner Magazine to read the article written by Steve Frederickson (Kent, WA), “Farewell to Marathoning.”  Once a Marine, always a Marine.  This is the touching story of why Steve chose the October 28, 2007, Marine Corps Marathon as his last one.  Semper Fi!

As of September 10, 2007, the marathon total for Cecil Goudeau (Denham Springs, LA) was 138….in all 50 States & DC!  Because of his bad knees, he prefers to compete in trail races.  Peter Graham (London, England) sends us postcards as he travels throughout the U.S. to complete his goal of becoming a 50 States & DC finisher.  It was at his suggestion that the 100 Marathon Club North America was formed at the first YRCM on March 31, 2001.  Congratulations to Janet Green (Courtenay, BC) for completing her 200th marathon at the Capital City Marathon in Olympia, WA, on May 20, 2007.  Special thanks to her for suggsesting at the 2006 Portland Marathon awards ceremony that I get medical attention for a cough.  That advice led to the discovery of my heart disease etc.  It pays to sit next to a doctor, and I’m so grateful to her for her advice!

Ultra runner extraordinaire Jeff Hagen (Yakima, WA) turned 60 in 2007 and started “celebrating” by running 4 trail ultras in 12 weeks….(1) Grey Rock (July 14); (2) White River National Championship 50-Mile Trail Race where he won a national championship gold medal for his age group and a USATF patch with the words “National Champion” sewn into the fabric; (3) Cle Elum Ridge 50K on September 15th, 1st in the 60-69 age group; (4) Baker Lake 50K on October 6th where he broke the men’s course record for seniors by 16 minutes and the women’s course record by 10 minutes.  After evading my invitation to run the YRCM for six years with one “silly excuse after another,” Mark Hartinger (Shoreline, WA) showed up at our 7th annual race with a bouquet of flowers for the feminine half of the Dolphin Marathon Team!  (I take back all of those things I said about you, Mark!  haha)  He’s in a tough age group but placed second to win a beautiful, personalized acrylic award. It seems like yesterday that we were at the Honolulu Marathon and helped Boonsom Hartman (Oak Forest, IL) celebrate the running of her 100th marathon on December 14, 2003.  On June 23, 2007, she completed #150 AND her 2nd time around as a 50 State & DC FINISHER at the Mayor’s Marathon at Anchorage, Alaska.  She’s the 31st person to make the list of 2nd time finishers and the first person from the state of Illinois.  The latest total we have of marathons for Wally Herman (Ottawa, ON) is 670 from the December 2006 South Florida Sun Sentinel.  By now he’s probably near (or past) #700!  In his last letter to us, he told us of the coincidence of running with Sy Mah at Bob Dolphin’s first marathon, the Heart of America Marathon at Columbia, MO, in September of 1981.  Congratulations to Bob Hildebrandt (Fairbanks, AK) who completed a 14 year goal in October when he ran the Mt. Desert Island (Maine) Marathon to become a 50 States FINISHER!  It was good to see Raymond Hoyle (Watford Herts, United Kingdom) in Yakima for his 4th consecutive YRCM on March 31, 2007.  He updates us on his marathoning with letters and postcards.  He ran his 200th marathon/ultra, the Greenwich Foot Tunnel Marathon, on August 4, 2002.  As of early 2007 his total was 215 marathons and 24 ultras (239 total).

Good to be the houseguests of Karl Jensen (North Vancouver, BC) for the May 2007 Vancouver Marathon weekend……an annual tradition!  On February 28, 2008, exactly one month before his friend Ron Fowler completes a streak of running at least one mile per day for 25 consecutive years, David Jones (Seattle, WA) will complete his string.  On April 5, 2008, he’ll continue his perfect record of running all of the YRCM’s.

We lost our good friend and club member Bruce Katter (Edmonds, WA) on September 11, 2007 from the lung/bone cancer that took his life.  The last postcard we received from him was from the Mt. Kilemanjoro Marathon and dated March 6, 2007.  He returned from Africa in time to help us with our 7th annual YRCM on March 31, 2007…..and to run his last race that day.  We’ll miss him a lot.  Helen and Norm Klein (Rancho Cordova, CA) stay “extremely busy running and working other races as pay back to the many who help us put on our races.”  Helen will be the guest speaker at the Prince of Wales Island Marathon at Craig, AK, in 2008 (late May).  Andrew Kotulski (Montclair, NJ) continued to be a global marathoner and to have “health problems” to add to his adventures.  September 11, 2001 found him in a hospital in Russia for a “weird” disease after running a marathon there.  During his recent trip to India, he had a series of strokes, but he’s home and doing okay.  We’re happy to report that our good friend Jim Kunz (Seattle, WA) has recovered from an injury that kept him from running for quite awhile.  For those of you who received mail from us in the past year with a special postage stamp with our picture on it that commemorated Bob’s running of his 400th marathon, Jim is the one who surprised us with these stamps.

Don Lang (Glendale, CA) has decided to make his 407th marathon/ultra his last one.  It was after the June 2006 running of the Green River Marathon from Kent to West Seattle in Washington state that he told us he was going to devote his time to writing about his marathoning.  We’ve enjoyed receiving “Running in Washington---Another Memory Collage.”  Nita Kay LeMay (Hawthorn Wood, IL) was sponsored by Saucony to run the 2006 Chicago Marathon (lucky for her that it wasn’t the 2007 race!)  She’s running through Europe now to continue her many adventures.  Good to hear from John Leonhart (Urbandale, IA).

Who can keep up with Larry Macon (San Antonio, TX)???  He runs so many marathons I’ll bet that even he has lost count!!  Was it 72 or 79 per year for 2006 and 2007?  Good to hear from Steve Madrid (Albuquerque, NM) and Dave Major (Moulton Northampton, United Kingdom).  Jon Mahoney (Vernon, BC) married his bride Sherry in Hawaii while there for the 2006 Honolulu Marathon.  Congratulations to this happy couple whom we see at a lot of races.  Tom “HiGuy” Matti (Arlington Heights, IL) holds the world record for running 123+ marathons in sandals.  Many of our members are race directors as well as runners and know what it takes to put on a successful event.   The award for the club’s “Race Director with the biggest challenge in 2007” goes to Dave McGillivray (North Andover, MA).  The predicted storm for the Boston Marathon and what went on “behind the scenes” is described by Dave in his article, “Dodging the Bullet”…The (Almost) Perfect Storm….My 2007 B.A.A. Boston Marathon Experience.  Dave was  recently honored as one of eleven people and one organization as “Runner’s World 2007 Heroes of Running.”  Don McNelly (Rochester, NY) is an 87 year old runner who holds records for running more marathons in his 70’s and in his 80’s than anyone else.  Near the end of 2006 he had reached a total of 717 marathons/ultras.  He should be reaching his grand total of 800 soon.  Sean Meissner (Sisters, OR) was the winner of the Pig Tails Flat Ass 50K on December 22, 2007.  Thanks to Gina Moore (San Marcos, TX) for the encouraging e-mails.  Alan Morton Tywyn-Gwynedd, Wales) has accompanied his friend Raymond Hoyle to the U.S. to run four consecutive YRCM’s.  The 2007 London Marathon was his milestone #400.  We appreciate receiving the many cards and letters he sends to us as he travels to marathons throughout the world.  Great to receive good wishes from Dana Mosell (Walnut, CA).  As a quilter in “another life,” I enjoyed reading in the July edition of the 50 States Marathon Club Newsletter about the quilts made by Cheryl Murdock (Pensacola, FL) from her running T-shirts.  To get information on her quilting designs etc, she can be contacted at gonnarun26pt2@msn.com.

It was good to see Stan Nakashima (Mt. Vernon, WA) at the recent Skagit Flats and Birch Bay Marathons….and the 50K of the Pig Tails Flat Ass Marathon etc.  Jose Nebrida (Chicago, IL) is another one of the 26 who have run all 7 YRCM’s…..and is still carrying the U.S. flag in each race.  Good to hear from Stan Neumann (Timonium, MD) and Lynda Petri (Morengo, IL).

It was great meeting Jim Ottinger (Vestavia, AL) at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Pam Penfield (Highlands Park, Co) ran her 132nd marathon at Yakima on March 31, 2007.  Van
Phan (Maple Valley, WA) was the winner of the 2006 Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series and was listed by MarathonGuide as #5 Female Outstanding Marathoner of 2006!!  She had five top three finishes.  She’s the race director for the December Pig Tails Flat Ass Marathon.  The race director for the very successful inaugural Tacoma City Marathon is Tony Phillippi (Tacoma, WA).  He’s also one of the founders of the popular Marathon Maniacs Club that now has over 750 members…..webmaster for the 100 Marathon Club……and a successful Ironman triathlete!  Thanks to Cheri (Gillis) Pompeo (Woodinville, WA) for the encouraging e-mails.  Mel Preedy (Ravensdale, WA) is another one of the 26 who have run all 7 YRCM’s.  This is a very competitive group…..all want to see who can outlast all of the others!

Good to hear from Chris Ralph (Kirlkand, WA) and Tom Ripley (Sammamish, WA) and to see them in Yakima in 2006 and 2007.  Fenny Roberts (Salem, OR) is one of only two women who have run all of the YRCM’s…..and she has sung the national anthem before the start of each race.  Edwin Roth (Koeln, Germany) was a 50 States FINISHER on June 21, 2003, and has 15 states toward his second circuit.  He and his wife Monika hosted the 50 States Marathon Club Reunion Run at Cologne on October 7, 2007.  Congratulations to Henry Rueden (DePere, WI) for completing Marathon #500 at the Green Bay Marathon in Green Bay, WI, on May 20, 2007 (that happened 22 months after #400 at San Francisco!)  He’s been a 50 States FINISHER 5 times, has done all 7 continents and completed all Canadian provinces.

The Rock ‘n Roll Marathon at San Diego on June 2, 2002, was #100 for John Schaap (Louisville, KY).  We always enjoy receiving the newsy letters from Ray Scharenbrock (South Milwaukee, WI), and we want to share a quote from his 2007 Christmas letter, “I feel that the joy of the marathon and ultra finish lines is a gift from God.  I am especially excited as I approach the start of my Diamond Jubilee of Life in the coming year.  I just feel so lucky to be able to follow a very active life!  God has been so good to me!”  Ray completed his first marathon at age 49 and by October 2007 at age 74, he had boosted his total to 480 marathons and 78 ultras (that’s 558 finishes!)  He’s a 9 times FINISHER OF 50 States & DC and has completed a marathon and a half marathon on all 7 continents.  He usually runs 30-35 marathons per year but ran the most (51) in 2001.  From the west coast Milwaukie in the state of Oregon comes word from Del Scharffenberg that, at the age of 62, he has cycled over 10,000 bike miles for the 4th year in a row.  On October 6-7, 2007, he competed in his 4th Furnace Creek 508 Race in Death Valley and completed it in a little over 40 hours.  He isn’t running much any more but continues to participate in Fred Willet’s Pacific Rim One Day Run in March at Longview, WA.  He completed 66 and 64 miles the past two years.  Fred’s race is one that changed my life.  About 14 years ago when I accompanied Bob Dolphin to this race, Fred needed more volunteers, so I said, “Tell me what to do, and I’ll help.”  I counted laps for 24 hours that year and for 24 hours in many more of these races.  It was the start of “my type of participation” in races.  Some time in 2008, I’ll reach marathon #300 (the way I do it!)  Are you keeping a tally of our club members who have run all 7 YRCM’s?  To your total add Jim Scheer (Vancouver, WA).  Someone who ran it for the first time on March 31, 2007, was Frank Searfus (Coos Bay, OR) who was there to help Bob celebrate his 400th marathon.  Good to hear from Suzy Seeley (Houston, TX) and Clay Shaw (York, PA).  Congratulations to Jim Simpson (Huntington Beach, CA) who became a 6 time FINISHER of the States at the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage, AK , on June 23, 2007, and completed his 500th Marathon at the Baltimore Marathon in Maryland on October 13, 2007.  Arthur Stanger (Boca Raton, FL) ran 27 marathons in 2006 and completed his 200th marathon at Duluth, MN, on June 16, 2007.  From Vancouver, WA, comes word that Seth Sundin’s hip replacement in March of 2007 has kept him from running. He’s training by walking on a hilly 5 mile loop and has a goal to run Bloomsday in Spokane in May of 2008.  Congratulations to Gunhild and Jack Swanson (Spokane Valley, WA) who completed their 200th marathons in 2007…..Gunhild at the May 13th Tacoma City Marathon and Jack at the November 25th Seattle Marathon.

Gene Trahern (Sisters, OR) completed 8 ultras in 2006, including three 100 milers (Kettle Moraine, Vermont and Heartland) to bring his total to 120 ultras and 25 marathons (a year ago).  Our sympathies go to Cathy Troisi (Seneca Falls, NY) whose daughter Kimi lost her “marathon battle” against cancer on August 10, 2007.  Cathy finished her 200th marathon at Baton Rouge, LA, in December of 2006.

Thanks for the good wishes from Michael Wakabayashi (Spokane, WA) and from Gregg Walchli (Seattle, WA).  Gregg continues his winning ways at marathons.  From the MarathonGuide.com list of Outstanding Male Marathoners for 2006, he was ranked #7 and placed in the top 3 at nine marathons.  He’s working on a marathon on every continent and has a total of 6, with only one more to go!  We’ve kept up with the saga of the marathons of world traveler John “Maddog” Wallace (Longboat Key, FL) for many years and finally met him in person at the pasta feed the night before the Marshall University Marathon in Huntington, WV, on November 4, 2007.  My “100 Marathon Club Library” consists of 8 notebooks (7 for 201 members and 1 for John!)  We appreciate his writeups, pictures and humor.  New Years Day 2008 found him at St. Crois, USVI, to run country #88, his final country in North America with an official marathon.  Thanks to Carol Westerman (Louisville, KY) for the wristwatch with hearts on the dial and the wrap-around band.  It’s been an inspiration to me as I proudly wear it after my open heart triple by-pass surgery.  I’m grateful that my cardiologist says that my heart is “good” and I’m 500 times safer now than I was before my surgery.  Bill Whipp (Harrison, OH) has a new total of 224 marathons (including 27 ultras).  His “artificial knee” statistics are 177 marathons and 21 ultras = 198!  Race director Jay Jacob Wind (Arlington, VA) invites all members to join him at the 5th annual Potomac River Run, marathon and half marathon, on Sunday, May 4, 2008, in Alexandria, VA (www.pvtc.org/marathon) or call (703)927-4833.  Jay’s marathon #110 was in Miami last year.

Good to hear from Lynn Yarnall (Edmonds, WA).  Last, but not least, Steve Yee (Renton, WA) is a 7 time YRCM finisher.  One of his claims to fame is the ever-growing Marathon Maniacs Club that he co-founded with member Tony Phillippi and Chris Warren (www.marathonmaniacs.com).  From its humble beginnings four years ago, it has grown internationally to over 750 members and adds so much commaraderie to marathoning.  Each member’s number is “sacred” and regarded as a status symbol.  As “Prez” of the club, Steve is #1……in a lot of ways!

John Zelaznikow (Victoria, Australia) is on sabbatical leave until March 1, 2008, so we hope he’s enjoying some U.S. marathons during that time.

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That’s it from “A to Z” for now.  One side effect from my July surgery was “memory loss,” and I’m using that excuse as long as I can.  If I’ve overlooked something or have errors in the newsletter, let’s attribute it to that!  Be gentle with me……but do send me omissions or corrections. 

If you need help, here are the answers to the 12 questions about our club members.

  1. Roger Biggs; (2) Bob Dolphin; (3) Ten….Steve Barrick, Jim Boyd, Bob Dolphin, Ron Fowler, David Jones, Jose Nebrida, Mel Preedy, Fenny Roberts, Jim Scheer, Steve Yee; (4) John Bozung; (5) Steve Frederickson; (6) Chuck Cammack; (7) Paula & Steve Boone, Gunhild & Jack Swanson; (8) David Jones and Ron Fowler; (9) Tony Phillippi; (10) Henry Rueden; (11) Ray Scharenbrock; (12) Van Phan, Chuck Engle and Gregg Walchli.


The 100 Marathon Club North America has no dues but meets its expenses from donations and through a small profit made on the sale of club T-shirts, pins (in increments of 100) and personalized medallions.  Please contact us if you’re interested in making any purchases…….and let us know about your activities and goals as well.

The San Francisco Marathon has asked us to invite all club members to their August 3, 2008, race, www.runsfm.com.  Our club’s website is www.100marathonclub.us

We hope to see you at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon for the first reunion of the 100 Marathon Club North America on the weekend of April 4-6, 2008.  Packet pickup at the Selah Civic Center starts at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 4, with a club meeting at 4:00 p.m., group picture at 5:00 p.m., pasta feed at 5:30 p.m, “Nuts to You Awards” at 6:30 followed by guest speaker Rick Nealis, Race Director of the Marine Corps Marathon.  He’ll be there for the weekend and will provide guaranteed entries to the October 26, 2008, MCM.  The race on Saturday is on an awesome course in the Canyon and is followed by a sit-down awards ceremony/meal.  For those who want to meet on Sunday, there’s a 9:00 a.m. no-host breakfast at the Yakima Howard Johnson Hotel.  Plan to join us for a memorable weekend in “wine country” in the Pacific Northwest.

If you qualify for Boston at this race, you’re eligible to apply for the “Team Dolphin Boston Marathon Fund” awards that will help with your expenses for the 2009 Boston Marathon.  A minimum of $400.00 will be shared by the chosen male and female winners.

A limited number of 100 Marathon Club T-shirts are available now.  Please order yours soon or let me know if you want to get one in April.

I want to thank all of you for the many cards, e-mails and phone calls that I received last year during my health crises.  Your thoughts and prayers have helped get me to where I am today….thankful that I’m finally on the road to recovery and grateful to have so many wonderful and caring friends.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ……And GOD BLESS each and everyone of us!!

Bob and Lenore Dolphin

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