WELCOME to three new members.


Congratulations to Nita Kay LeMay of Hawthorne Woods, IL.  On October 25, 1992 at age 40 she ran her first marathon, the LasSalle Banks Chicago Marathon.  Twelve years later on Sunday, October 10, 2004, her 100th MARATHON was at the same race.  Her great adventures in between included a marathon in all 50 States & DC and all 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories.  Now, it’s on to continents……Hong Kong in January, Antarctica and Argentina in February/March, and Perth, Australia in July 2005 to finish this goal.


The Long Island Marathon in May 1996 was the first one for Gene Bandler of East Meadow, NY.  After running two more marathons he was given a pacemaker (at age 68) on December 24, 1997.  He continued running marathons with major accomplishments of completing 50 States & DC at the Oklahoma Marathon in Tulsa on November 22, 2003, and arriving at MARATHON #100 on October 17, 2004 in Atlantic City, NJ.  Congratulations!


A Christmas card postmarked “Honolulu, HI, 15 Dec. 2004” brought the good news from Steven Yee of Renton, WA, that “Honolulu was my 100th!!  I can join the club!”  Steve is well known to most of you as the “Main Maniac,” one of the three founders of the illustrious Marathon Maniacs Club (www.marathonmaniacs.com).  Welcome to another illustrious club!


Club membership has now reached a total of 146 members in six different countries…..Australia (1), Canada (7…BC, 6; Ontario, 1), Germany (3), Sweden (1), United Kingdom (10), and U.S. (124…..31 states…..Arizona, 2; California, 10; Colorado, 1; Connecticut, 1; Florida, 9; Georgia, 1; Illinois, 6; Iowa, 1; Kansas, 1; Kentucky, 7; Louisiana, 3; Maine, 1; Maryland, 3; Michigan, 1; Minnesota, 2; Missouri, 4; Nebraska, 4, New Jersey, 1; New York, 5; Ohio, 7; Oklahoma 1; Oregon, 6; Pennsylvania, 1; South Carolina, 1; South Dakota, 1; Tennessee, 3; Texas, 10; Utah, 1; Washington, 26; West Virginia, 2; Wisconsin, 2).


The last newsletter was sent by snail mail to be able to include a membership roster with interesting comments about each member.  The second roster with names and addresses is still available.  If you want to receive one, please send $2.00 with your request to cover printing, postage and handling.  For those of you who already have this roster, here are two updates:  (1) Nita Kay LeMay’s address is 8 Brierwoods Lane, Hawthorne Woods, IL 60047; (2) Steven Yee, P,O, Box 1465, Renton, WA 98057, steve@marathonmaniacs.com.


HELP!!  We’ve lost contact with four members.  Let us know if you have a good e-mail and/or mailing address for Steve Schumacher, Frank Searfus, Seth Sundin and Zach Van Black.


The response to the personalized roster was GREAT, so there are many things to share.  Steve Edwards from the United Kingdom was impressed with some of the great achievements and sent a list of some of his own special accomplishments.  (1) Held world record for most marathons in one year in 1992 with 87 marathons; (2) Only person to have completed marathons in over 50 counties in Great Britain; (3) Has an average finishing time of 3:19 for all 391 marathons to date; (4) Once completed four different marathons at different locations in three days.


More news from the United Kingdom……Alan Morton and Raymond Hoyle hope to return to the April 2, 2005, Yakima River Canyon Marathon.  Peter Graham just ran a “back and forth” bridge marathon between Belgium and Holland.  Roger Biggs and Jack Brooks added eight more states in 2004.  They’ll add Alaska and their first Canadian Province in May when they join the Dolphins for the Peach City Marathon in Penticton, BC and the Prince of Wales Marathon in Craig, Alaska.


Tom Adair of Alpharetta, GA, an officer in the 50 States Club, has some great goals for 2005.  He’s planning to run his first 100 mile race, the Umstead 100 at Raleigh, NC, on April 3.  On August 6 he’ll run his 200th career marathon at the Hot-to-Trot 8 Hour Run in Atlanta, GA.  At the Tupelo Marathon in Mississippi in September he’ll finish his 120th consecutive marathon month.  He plans to finish his second 50 States & DC circuit while running the Le Grizz 50 Miler at Hungry Horse, Montana, on October 8.


We hope that Steve Frederickson of Kent, WA, is successful in reaching his 150th marathon at the Bridle Trails 50K at Kirkland, WA or the Death Valley Trail Marathon in California.  He has run 149 marathons to date, but physical problems have taken their toll.  As a marine during the Vietnam War, his back was broken when the truck he was driving hit a mine.  Subsequently, he was shot in the thigh and hip a few months later.  Several years ago he had back surgery, and now a hip replacement is likely.  If this wasn’t bad enough, he has problems with his right knee.  As Steve lets us know of his progress, we’ll pass the information on in future newsletters.


At a post-race party at the Oklahoma Marathon in November 2002 we met Gary Julin, 57, of Omaha, NE.  I was impressed then and now that a runner in his mid 50’s most always runs his marathons under three hours.  Well, all of Gary’s stats are impressive.  He has run 1,007+ road races including 156+ marathons and has won 111 of them.  He has run 112+ sub-three hour marathons, and his personal best is 2:38:29.  Gary runs every day and has for over 6, 785 days (18.5 years!)  He has run more than 58, 722 miles since he began running in the late 1970’s.  Working part-time in a running shoe store is enjoyable for him as he interacts with other runners.


Larry Macon, 59, of San Antonio, TX, ran 56 MARATHONS  in 2004, so it’s not surprising that we crossed paths with him twice (Crater Lake Marathon in Oregon and Silver State Marathon in Nevada).  At the Tucson Marathon in Arizona on December 6, 2004, he ran his 248th marathon.  By now he must be well past #250.  Larry has completed two 50 States & DC cycles.  He’s run four marathons in nine days which will give him elevated status in the Marathon Maniacs Club.


Gregg Walchli of Seattle, WA, a fellow Marathon Maniac, had a successful year as a marathon runner in 2004.  He ventured north to Ketchikan, Alaska, and won the Tongass Marathon, a trail marathon in the Tongass National Forest on August 21st in a time of 3:27:28.  He also was the winner at the Skagit Flats Marathon at Burlington, WA, on September 12 with a 3:00:21.  Gregg came in second overall at the Lake Chelan Marathon (3:06:00) and Spokane Marathon (3:04:42).  At the Christmas Marathon on December 19th he was 4th overall and 1st 40-44M with a 2:59:24.  Based on my marathon reports, this is a sample of how well he ran last year.  He’s quite a runner!


John Wallace of Longboat Key, FL, and Silverthorne, CO, continued his world travels to six international marathons in different countries.  As he ran 19 marathons in 2004, he added Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Macedonia and Albania to his European marathon list.  In 2005 he plans to run marathons in Bosnia, Bulgaria, North Ireland and Faroe Islands to complete the continent and be the first runner to do this.  At the end of 2004 his career total was 238 marathons in 70 countries.  John is a finisher of the 50 States and the Canadian Provinces and all seven continents as well.  Very impressive!




200 - Jon Mahoney of Vernon, BC, will run his 200th marathon at the April 2, 2005, Yakima River Canyon Marathon or in Paris on April 10, 2005.  In Paris he’ll have a double celebration……getting married in Paris and his bride will run her first marathon there.  300Roger Biggs of Stevenage, UK, ran his 300th marathon in October 2005 in Maine.  350Bob Dolphin of Renton and Yakima, WA, ran his 350th marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon on October 31, 2005.  400Steve Edwards of Coventry, UK, will run marathon #400 at Stratford in April 2005.


19-33-141 – The New York City Marathon on November 7, 2004, was Jose Nebrida’s 19th marathon after his heart attack and triple by-pass surgery, his 33rd marathon carrying the U.S. flag to honor the heroes and victims of 9/11, and his 141st running total.  BIG FOURDon Lang, Glendale, CA, finished 50 States & DC for the 4th time at the Nifty Fifty Marathon in Coventry, RI.  At that date his total was 377 marathons.


22 YEARS – In March of 2005 Ron Fowler, Seattle, WA, will reach a continuous running streak of not missing a daily run in over 8,033 days!!!  26 – That’s how many times the Mt. Rushmore (formerly Black Hills) Marathon has been run, and Elaine Doll-Dunn, Spearfish, SD, has finished all of them!  9Ray Scharenbrock, South Milwaukee, WI, is working on his 9th Circuit of 50 States & DC.  As of December 5, 2004, he needed only 22 states to reach that goal.


39 – That’s the magic number for the fifth annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 2, 2005, when 39 runners will be honored for completing ALL FIVE races.  We look forward to welcoming the following 100 Marathon Club North America members that day:  Steve Barrick, Jim Boyd, Peter Butler, Bob Dolphin, Ron Fowler, David Jones, Jim Kunz, Mel Preedy, Jim Scheer, Steven Yee, and Jose Nebrida.  Jose was the guest speaker at YRCM #3 and #4, and this time he’ll introduce Dick Beardsley at our pasta feed at 7:00 p.m. on April 1st.


Rachel Ridgway of the Frederick (Maryland) Marathon extends an invitation to all 100 Marathon Club members to run their May 1, 2005, race.  For information check the website http://www.frederickmarathon.org.


Henry Rueden, DePere, WI, was retired from the Army Reserves, but recently volunteered to go to Iraq.  We’ll miss him at the races and wish him well during this patriotic endeavor.


Keep in touch and send us your “Milestones and other things to brag about.”


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