WELCOME to the following new members:  Don Dickmeyer, Omaha, NE; Eugene Fritzel, Lutherville, MD;  Boonsom Hartman, Oak Forest, IL; Cecil Goudeau, Denham Springs, LA; Steve Radigan, Fremont, CA; Elbert Reed, Omaha, NE; Tom Ripley, Sammamish, WA; Jim Simpson, Huntington, Beach, CA; Neil Wakelin, North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Some things from the Mailbox:  Lots of e-mails from John Wallace about his globe trotting marathon experience……A picture of Carol Dellinger and Ray Scharenbrock running the 4th Annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 3, 2004, from the San Diego Union-Tribune sports page (Friday, June 4, 2004)……e-mail plans with Cathy Troisi for the August 14, 2004, Crater Lake Marathon…(ask her for a critique of this gorgeous race!)……Sedalia Runners Club newsletter tells us that club member Ed Burnham, at age 84, won his age division at the Sedalia Half Marathon in a time of 3:27:45……lots of postcards from Todd Byers, Wally Herman and Brits Jack Brooks, Peter Graham and Roger Biggs…update on Roger…290 marathons and counting, streak of 33 marathons in 34 weeks, 3 countries in 3 days, first European member of the Marathon Maniacs Club (www.marathonmaniacs.com).


Several club members have requested a roster for the 100 Marathon Club North America.  We liked the idea so much that we’ve prepared two of them, and one is enclosed with this newsletter.  It includes the membership list and brief comments of interest. The other one is a list with everyone’s name, address and e-mail address (when available).


Before we share this list, we need to know if anyone does NOT want this information on the roster.  Please let us know as soon as possible (by October 15th at the latest) if you want your mailing address and/or e-mail address removed. Also, let us know if you want to receive the complete roster when it becomes available.  (Contributions for postage etc. would be welcome.)


There are 13 members who have not returned their 100 Marathon Club registration forms.  If you are one of them, please return it SOON or contact us to get a blank form.


We hope you enjoy the enclosed roster…..and we ask you to keep sharing your accomplishments with us.  We, also, hope you’ll use the enclosed registration form for the Fifth Annual YAKIMA RIVER CANYON MARATHON.  As co-directors of this great event, we want to thank the many of you who have participated in our first four races, and we want to let you know that we appreciate your kind words about our marathon weekend.


On April 2, 2005, we invite you to run with Dick Beardsley, fourth fastest marathoner in the United States.  Plan to hear him speak at the pasta feed on Friday night, April 1st, at 7:00 p.m.  We plan to honor all who finish their FIFTH consecutive YRCM at the awards ceremony/meal after the race at 4:00 p.m.


When you’re participating in a marathon somewhere…anywhere…please say, “Hi,” to us or introduce yourself if we’ve never met before.  Better yet, send us a picture of yourself……and we’ll know who you are when we see you at the races!!


Bob and Lenore Dolphin

10519 126th Avenue S.E.

Renton, WA 98056



e-mail:  dolphinmteam@earthlink.net