Since February 22, 2003, the date of our 4th newsletter, we’ve added eleven new members to the 100 Marathon Club North America to bring our total to 121,  WELCOME to:  Peter Butler, St. Paul, MN; Layne Reibel, Oviedo, FL; Arthur Stanger, Boca Raton, FL; John Mahoney, Vernon, BC; Paula Boone, Humble, TX; Susan Daley, Chicago, IL; David Jones, Seattle, WA; Mark Lidman, Gladstone, MO; Steve Schumacher, Orange, CA; Lynda Petri, Morengo, IL; Ronald Bucy, Bridgeport, WV.


Lynda Petri and Ronald Bucy had been on our roster as “willabees” or “wannabes” and now move up to full-fledged membership.  Lynda received a grant from Balance Bar in the fall of 2002 that paid for all of her marathon expenses in helping her to reach her goal of running a marathon in all 50 States & DC and to complete her 100th marathon.  The latter was accomplished at the Sugarloak Marathon in Maine on May 18, 2003.  Several years ago she became a “friend for life” when she volunteered to distribute Yakima River Canyon Marathon entry forms in her home area and wherever she would be running.


Ron completed his 100th marathon on May 25, 2003, at the Nissan Buffalo Marathon.  He is goal oriented and completed the 50 States on December 9, 2001, at Honolulu.  Now he is concentrating on the continents.  He has run marathons in North and South America, Europe and Asia.  Africa was scheduled for July 6, 2003, and he’ll be in Australia for a race on November 2, 2003.


Paula Boone ran her first marathon on May 11, 1996, the Antelope Island Marathon in Utah, and her 100th marathon, the Dallas Trails Marathon in Texas, on March 23, 2003.  Except for her first four Utah marathons, she ran them all with her husband Steve Boone who is a charter member of the 100 Marathon Club NA


Many of you were on hand when David Jones completed his 100th marathon at the most recent YRCM on April 5, 2003.  David has been a successful age class competitor in the Pacific Northwest for many years.  At present he is one of the front-runners in the 55-59M division. Since February 18, 1983, (that’s 20YEARS PLUS!) he has run at least one mile per day.  What a phenomenal running string!  In addition, he has run 9 miles on each workday since January 2, 1998.  That’s 4 ½ miles to work (as a Seattle mail carrier) and 4 ½ miles home after walking his route!


Did you know that we have some members who live in European countries?  Seven live in the United Kingdom, three in Germany, and one in Sweden.  We are also proud to have six Canadian members.  The directors of the 100 Marathon Clubs in Germany (Christian Hottas), United Kingdom (Peter Graham) and North America (Bob Dolphin) are members of each other’s clubs as we try to stay in touch with one another.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following members for reaching new MILESTONES:  (1) Todd Byers of Long Beach, CA, ran his 150th marathon on his 40th birthday on June 1, 2003, at the Rock and Roll Marathon at San Diego, CA.  His twin sister Tina from Berkeley Springs, WV, was on hand to cheer him on.  (2) Carol Dellinger of Spokane, WA, has a similar record for her 150th marathon.  She ran her milestone race the day after her 40th birthday on June 21, 2002.  She routinely runs 12-13 marathons per year.  (3) Bob Fletcher of Fredericksburg, TX, ran his 200th marathon in Houston on January 19, 2003.  (4) Victor Bhatt of Sugar Land, TX, must have completed #200 somewhere becase he sent word that his 201st marathon was the Motorola Marathon in Austn, TX, on February 16, 2003.


(5) Mel Preedy of Ravensdale, WA (near Seattle) has a milestone that’s different.  There’s a story entitled 70 Miles at 70 that appeared in the April 2003 Interurban Running Club Newsletter.  This is how it began, “Don’t get comfortable with the notion that you have to do less as you get older.  Mel Preedy is challenging that preconception.  On his 60th birthday, he ran 60 miles.  On his 63rd birthday he ran 63 miles.  Guess what ’Speedy Preedy’ did on his 70th birthday.  At noon on Wednesday, April 9th, Mel started running around the track at Tahoma Jr. High.  Nineteen and a quarter hours later, at 7:15 a.m. on Thursday the 10th (his actual birthday) Mel finished his birthday run.  And ‘AniMel’ ran the Yakima River Canyon Marathon (26.2 miles) the weekend before!”  His wife Sonia, their children and grandchildren and about 44 friends were there to cheer him on or to run with him as he completed these 250 laps.  This 70 mile birthday run put him on the cover of Northwest Runner magazine!


Let us know when you reach a milestone.


WE GOT LETTERS (mail and e-mail) – (1) Wally Herman of Ottawa, Canada, sent a postcard from Lake Worth, FL.  He mentioned that Norm Frank (Rochester, NY) was in a walking cast due to an Achilles heel problem.  He hoped to run a couple of spring marathons with Norm (he heals fast!) and with Don McNelly. (Rochester, NY).  This threesome has a combined total of over 2,000 marathons!!!  (2) Del Scharffenberg of Portland, OR, is making a comeback from a hyperthyroid condition.  He ran a sub 7.5 hours at the Hagg Lake 50K in Oregon recently, his best time in five years.  (3) Gene Trahern, who has relocated to Sisters, Oregon, is typical of some of our members who prefer ultramarathons and only do an occasional 26.2 mile race.  As of December 2002 he had run 94 ultras and 22 marathons.  His total for 2002 had been seven ultras and one marathon.  Whatever the distance, Gene is a front-runner and has an excellent racing record.  (4) It was June 9, 2002, when we met Tom Detore at the inaugural Deadwood-Mickelson Trail Marathon in South Dakota.  He was obtaining signatures on a get well card to be sent to a fellow 50 Stater.  Now it’s our turn to reciprocate and send a card or letter to Tom to ease his misfortune.  On January 15, 2002, his wife Sheri had a near fatal stroke which led to her being placed in a nursing home.  To contact them, address your cards or letters to:  Tom Detore, P.O. Box 3, Unadilla, NE 68454.


(5) Steve Boone of Humble, TX, will be in North Dakota in September to finish the states for the SECOND TIME.  (6) We met Greg Judge of Renton, WA, at Heathrow Airport six years ago shortly after we both had run the London Marathon.  He is one of a few who became a member of the 100 Marathon Club NA first before joining one or both of the 50 States Marathon clubs.  (7) Steve Frederickson, a continent finisher from Kent, WA, is recovering well from back surgery.  He finished the Death Valley Trail Marathon in 4:59:32….making his goal of a sub 5-hour time.  He has plans to run the North Pole Marathon (via Norway).  (8) Lynn Yarnall of Edmonds, WA, is an accomplished marathon/ultra runner who had finished 154 events by the end of 2002.  The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run is her focal point, and it is an event where she has excelled and set records.  On this scenic and difficult course in the California Sierra Mountains, she has run the grueling race and finished it in 12 successive years.  She has been awarded 7 silver buckles for finishing under 24 hours and 5 bronze buckles for finishing under 30 hours.  Lynn was an age group winner four times during this time span.


Keep the mail coming and let us know your current total of marathons/ultramarathons.


SHOPPING HINTS:  (1) 100 Marathon club pins are available at $10.00 each (increments of 100).  Short-sleeved, teal, club T-shirts and long-sleeved, white, club T-shirts are available at a cost of $17.00 each.  (We pay the postage.)  (2) RaceFrames LLC sells their frames to display medals at our YRCM Expo.  We have one of their classy wooden frames that holds the three medals (with their ribbons) from our three races.  For 50 Staters and 100 Club Marathoners they have a special sale of medal frames that will hold 50 medals.  These can be ordered on-line at www.raceframes.com or by phone at (208)484-0649.  (We’re not agents for the company, so please deal directly with RaceFrames LLC if you have an interest in them.)


The fourth annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon (that we co-direct) is on Saturday, April 3, 2004.  Our website is http://www.ontherun.com.  A lot of 100 Marathon Club members, 50 Staters and Marathon Achievers come to this marathon weekend, and we hope that many of you will plan to join us.  We get repeat visitors from as far away as England, so it is a popular event and the one to run if you need Washington on your state list.  (Are we prejudiced?  You betcha!)  We hope to see you next April….or in the meantime, introduce yourself to us at Crater Lake, Chelan, Portland, Victoria, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Tulsa, Seattle, Honolulu etc……………


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