NEWSLETTER NUMBER FOUR – February 22, 2003


As we approach the Second Anniversary of the 100 Marathon Club North America, we’re delighted to announce that our club enrolled our 100th Member at the Oklahoma Marathon in Tulsa on November 22, 2002.  We’re honored that Norm Frank from Rochester, NY, is member #100.  Norm’s first marathon was the Boston Marathon in 1976 that he ran in 3:56….and his 800th marathon was the Rocket City Marathon at Huntsville, AL, on December 14, 2002!!  He has run more marathons than anyone in North America, and we’re proud to welcome him as Member #100.


We’re happy to announce that Gary Julin of Omaha, NE, is Member #101.  Gary holds the enviable record of running his 106th sub three-hour marathon on November 23, 2002, at the Oklahoma Marathon.  His person record is 2:38:29.  Welcome to Gary and to the following members who have joined since our last newsletter was sent:  Betty Burrell (Harrison, TN), Harry Curtis (Cincinnati, OH), Elaine Doll-Dunn (Spearfish, SD), Don Ellis (Memphis, TN), Rosemary Evans (Flemingsburg, KY), Brenton Floyd (Harrison, TN), Janet Green (Courtenay, BC), Tom Husman (Toledo, OH), Bob Livitz (Houston, TX), James Munson (Costa Mesa, CA), Stuart Olson (Chuluota, FL).  We now have a grand total of 109 members!


There are 100 Marathon Clubs in several different countries, but we have a unique familial relationship in our membership that would be hard to duplicate.  We have a grandmother and grandson relationship that surely doesn’t exist in other 100 Marathon Clubs.  Betty Burrell and Brenton Floyd, the grandson she raised, travel from their home in Harrison, TN, to participate together in marathons throughout the country.  Betty is the only woman to walk in all 50 states doing a marathon.  On July 7, 2001, Brenton, at the age of 16 years and 3 months, was the youngest member of the 50 States & DC Marathon Group and the 50 States Marathon Club to finish the states and DC!


A club such as ours has milestones to report on a regular basis.  Be sure to keep us informed of your current and past goals that have been achieved.  Here are some milestones that we’d like to share.


Congratulations to Eugene DeFronzo of Waterbury, CT, for completing his 200th Marathon in late December 2002.  He ran his first marathon at New York City in 1991.  To reach 200 events in eleven years suggests that he has averaged 18 marathons per year.  This is quite an accomplishment!  He is a two time 50 States & DC finisher who also has run in all of the Canadian Provinces.


I (Bob Dolphin) earned my 300 Marathon pin at the Royal Victoria Marathon in British Columbia on October 13, 2002.  I received royal treatment from race director Rob Reid, his staff, Lenore and many running friends who were there.  My report on this marathon (one of my favorites) appears on www.ontherun.com.


Congratulations to Elaine Doll-Dunn of Spearfish, SD, who recently earned her doctorate degree.  She is the author of the book Gotta Run…, (a marathon of marathons, 26.2 in 2000).  Elaine has climbed Devil’s Tower and Mt. Kilimanjaro, run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean across Panama (60 miles to celebrate her 60th birthday), represented her state as Mrs. South Dakota at age 62, and has run all 25 Mt. Rushmore Marathons.  Currently (besides her regular, full-time job), she is helping her race director husband Jerry Dunn with the plans for the 2nd annual Deadwood-Mickelson Trail Marathon (June 8, 2003) and writing another book.  We’re glad we attended their inaugural race in the Black Hills, and we look forward to reading her new book.  Dr. Doll-Dunn, we’re proud of you!


Del Scharffenberg of Portland, OR, is a megamarathoner who is talented in many endurance sports.  His marathon/ultra total exceeds 240 in number, and he has a marathon personal record of 2:46:14.  He placed 16th in the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon in 1980.  His longest running race, the New Astley 6-Day Race, was in April 1985 when he completed 384 miles!  In 1999 and 2000 he won the Bicycle Race Across Oregon (492 miles and 560 miles) in 32:41 and 39:47.  He has competed in races on skis, in canoes, and in multi-sport events, as well…..all with great talent.


Chuck Cammack of Albany, OR, is to be congratulated for running 240+ marathons/ultras.  He has a PR of 2:44:00 and 94+ sub three-hour marathons to his credit.  The amazing thing is that after 22 years of marathoning, he still breaks 3 hours!  He also is an accomplished ultra runner who completed the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run in 19:48:59 in 1993.


Steve Edwards lives in England and has a remarkable marathon record.  At 40 years of age he has run more than 352 marathons/ultras.  With a PR of 2:51:52 his average time for his career total is a commendable 3:18.  He is the former world holder for the most marathons run in one year.  Between March 1991 to March 1992 he ran 87 marathons with an average time of 3:15.  This means that he doubled on 35 weekends during that marathoning year!


On February 9, 2003, at the Valentine Marathon (near Olympia, WA) there were several 100 Marathon Club NA members on hand.  Ron Fowler and Jim Kunz, both of Seattle were there.  Ron had run the windy Las Vegas Marathon the previous weekend.  At the starting line I was pleasantly surprised to see John Bozung of Orem, UT.  John runs at least one marathon/ultra each month, every month.  His string will reach 10 Years in October.  He plans to continue until he breaks the North American record in the next decade.  John has run approximately 155 marathons/ultras.  In 263 days (2/18/97-11/8/97) he completed a marathon on all seven continents, the first North American and the first 50 States & DC Marathon Group member to do this in one calendar year.  His 50 States & DC finish date was 6/12/99.  John is also the race director of the Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run at Provo, UT.


Please send in an update of your marathon count and news about your marathon accomplishments….number run in 2002, goals reached, personal achievements, unusual adventures, age class competition etc.  If we don’t have your birth date already, let us know that, too.  Mine is October 4, 1929, so I find myself to be the oldest person in the race more often than not.



Long and short sleeved shirts are available for $15.00 plus $2.00 mailing.  Milestone pins (#100-#800) can be ordered at a cost of $10.00 each (includes postage).  Let us know if you would be interested in ordering a 3” keepsake, antique gold club medallion in a presentation box.  Our supplier has designed one for us that would cost around $20.00 (including postage).  To make this happen, we need to order a minimum of 25 medallions.


Lenore and I are working on the third annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon which is scheduled for Saturday, April 5, 2003.  Joe Henderson will talk to runners at packet pickup and will emcee the start and finish of the race.  Jose Nebrida  will be our inspirational guest speaker at 7:00 p.m. at the pasta feed on April 4th.  Peter Graham, secretary of the original 100 Marathon Club in London, England, will return to run with us this year.  We expect a good turnout of 50 Staters and 100 Marathon Club North America members for the weekend.  Be on hand at the finish line to welcome Davy Jones of Seattle as a new member when he completes his 100th Marathon on April 5th.


Bob and Lenore Dolphin

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