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Because she had just completed her 100th marathon at Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 5, 2006, Sue Fauerbach (Renton, WA) proudly wore bib #100 at the April 1, 2006, Yakima River Canyon Marathon (YRCM).  She’s a real Marathon Maniac and may have set a women’s record by completing 56 marathons in 2005!  She became a marathoner at age 52 at the 1999 Portland (Oregon) Marathon.


When Harry Hoffman, Jr. (Port Salerno, FL) joined the 100 Marathon Club North America a few months ago, his total number of marathons was 104 plus 8 ultras for a total of 112.  Number one was the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 8, 1995, at Orlando, Florida, and #100  was at New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 27, 2005.  He’s a 65 year old Marathon Maniac who has run 7 marathons in 7 states in 6 weeks, 3 marathons in 7 days, and 20 marathons in one year.


The first marathon for 71 year old Bruce Katter (Edmonds, WA) was the nearby Seattle Marathon on November 25, 1989.  He completed his 100th marathon on December 4, 2005, the New Las Vegas Marathon.  He, too, is a Marathon Maniac, and he’s a 50 States Finisher  who is working on the continents as his next goal.


John Leonhart (Urbandale, IA) began his marathoning in April of 1978 at the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa.  His 100th marathon was at the Des Moines Marathon on September 18, 2005.  He’s a 50 States Finisher with the “special accomplishments” of (1) Running the 1990 Berlin Marathon (first time on both sides of wall); (2) Running Boston in four different decades; and (3) Completing Pikes Peak Marathon.


We met 54 year old Marathon Maniac Dana Mosell (Walnut, CA) at the Crater Lake Marathon a few years ago as he was working on his 50 states.  He was the first member of the L.A. Leggers Running Club to become a 50 States Finisher.  As many other club members have done, Marathon #1 and Marathon #100 were the same races (1998 and 2006 Los Angeles Marathons).


In the same pattern, the Marine Corps Marathon on November 7, 1982, was the first one for 58 year old Pamela Penfield (Highlands Ranch, CO), and that race on October, 26, 2003, was #100 for this Marathon Maniac.  Starting in 1993, she has an amazing string of 13 consecutive Pikes Peak Marathons.  Outside of the U.S., she can add the Great Wall Marathon in China and the London Marathon in the United Kingdom to her list of accomplishments.


It’s always exciting when a wannabe completes marathon #100 and becomes a member.  Suzy Seeley (Houston, TX) is another first marathon/100th  marathon same-race runner.  The Houston Marathons (1995 and 2006) were her first and hundredth.  She has been the overall female winner in 10 marathons and 3 ultras.  At age 45, she PR’d in the 50K distance and at the 26.2 mile distance (3:17:32).


And here’s another first marathon/100th person…..Dianna Sulser (Dennison, TX) with #1 and #100 at the Dallas White Rock Marathon (December 1, 1992, and December 11, 2005).  She has a total of 90 marathons and 16 ultras with a PR of 3:30:49.


Charlie Viers (Natchitoches, LA) has a great PR of 2:38:06 for his 142 marathons and four ultras.  The Rice Festival Marathon at Crowley, Louisiana, in October of 1976 was his first, and the Ridge Runner (WV) Marathon in June 2000 was #100.


Wannabe Cheryl Murdock (Pensacola, FL), a Marathon Maniac  became eligible for membership when she completed her 100th marathon on February 19, 2006 in Pensacola, Florida.



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We just welcomed 10 new members, and that brings our total membership to 174.  It’s always great to hear from so many of you and then share the news.


1.      Which members completed their 300th marathon on January 15, 2006, and

March 26, 2006…….and who will run his 300th on May 21, 2006?

2.      Which race director runs his own marathon after all of the other runners have

finished…….and which one runs his own marathon with all of the entrants?

3.      Who proposed to his girlfriend at a January marathon?

4.      Who started an all-women’s marathon in 2005?

5.      Who ran his 29th consecutive, qualifying Boston Marathon on April 17, 2006?

6.      Who are the two Brits who recently ran their third consecutive YRCM?

7.      Who completed a marathon on April 1, 2006, in 1:52:20 (that’s not a typo)?

8.      Who ran a marathon dragging a tire behind him?

9.      Who brought the flag of Germany to the YRCM?

10.  Who was the overall winner of 4 of the 21 marathons he ran in 2005?

11.  Who ran 69 marathons in 2005?


It was good to see president Tom Adair (Alpharetta, GA) at the 50 States Club reunion races in Memphis, Tennessee, in December and at Little Rock, Arkansas, in March.  Dan Archambeau and Lois Brown came from Sebring, Florida, for Dan to run our YRCM for the fifth consecutive year, but he ended up as a spectator instead.


Race director Steve Barrick’s 10th Annual Green River Marathon on June 3, 2006,  will be another Free Marathon (starting in Kent, WA, and going to West Seattle).  Steve, a Marathon Maniac, has completed all 6 YRCM’s, and this year he brought his wife Fern with him to walk/run her first marathon.  Good to see Lois Berkowitz (Riverview, MI) at Memphis where a lot of us were on hand to cheer Norm Frank as he ran his 900th MARATHON!  Congratulations to Roger Biggs (Stevenage, United Kingdom), a Marathon Maniac and director of the 100 Marathon Club United Kingdom & Ireland, for running his 1,000th race and 350th marathon on the weekend of December 10-11, 2005.  Good to see Paula & Steve Boone (Humble, TX) at the Memphis, Little Rock and YRCM 50 States Marathon Club reunion races.  Steve completed his 300th marathon at Houston on January 15, 2006!  We see Jim Boyd (Seattle, WA) at all of the local races.  His total marathon/ultra count reached 230 at the Easter Marathon (Millersylvania State Park near Olympia, WA) on April 9, 2006.  Good to see John Bozung (Orem, UT) at the Walt Disney World Marathon in January where he proposed to his girlfriend at the finish line and presented her with a diamond ring.  Jack Brooks (St. Albans, UK) is running faster these days……to keep ahead of Roger Biggs and his new-found speed.  Although we live on opposite ends of the U.S., we saw Mike Brooks (Danville, ME) at three marathons last year, and we have pictures to prove it.  He ran the 135 mile  Badwater ultra last summer.  We weren’t there, and we weren’t at his recent 6 Day Race on April 30th to May 6th!  We met Ron Bucy (Bridgeport, WV) at the Skagit Flats Marathon on September 11, 2005, in Burlington, Washington.  Cliff Burgess (Hewitt, TX) qualified for Boston at the January 15, 2006, Houston Marathon.  Betty Mae Burrell (Harrison, TX) keeps us updated on her 20 year old grandson Brenton Floyd’s marathoning.  On her 2005 Christmas card she let us know that he would end up with 52 marathons/ultras for the year and a grand total of 286.  Congratulations to Todd Byers (Long Beach, CA) for completing his 200th marathon on April 30, 2006, at Frederick, Maryland.  His twin sister Tina arranged for his bib #200 and came from their hometown of Berkeley Springs, WV, to cheer him on. 


Welcome to wannabe Eliot Collins (Raritan, NJ) whose total was 70 marathons and 26 ultras at the end of 2005.  Good to hear from Harry Curtis (Cincinnati, OH).


Rich DeCample (Renton, WA) has finished 50 and DC for the THIRD TIME, and he plans to run his #200 marathon this summer.  Carol Dellinger (Spokane, WA), a Marathon Maniac, will be there soon, too.  Her marathon #198 was our YRCM on April 1, 2006.  In 2005, 76 year old Marathon Maniac Bob Dolphin (Renton, WA) ran 23 marathons, a new record for him.  He’s the co-director of the Yakima River Canyon Marathon, but on race day he’s a runner on the course with all of the entrants.  He completed his 6th consecutive YRCM this year.  Elaine Doll-Dunn (Spearfish, SD) sent an e-mail to us near the end of 2005 letting us know that she has run 111 marathons……and “hugest of all PUT ON MY OWN MARATHON!!!!  Why didn’t you tell me it was so much work?  Check out www.leadingladiesmarathon.com.”  You can read about Elaine and her all-women race in the May/June 2006 issue of Marathon & Beyond…..”Curves in the Canyon” on page 51.


We hope Eb Engelmann (Salem, OR) is running again soon.  His plantar fasciitis has caused problems that don’t want to go away.  Rosemary Evans (Flemingsburg, KY) introduced herself to us at the Walt Disney World Marathon Expo in January.  Congratulation to her for completing her 200th marathon at the Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon on March 18, 2006.


It’s always good to see Evan Fagan (Victoria, BC) at the races, especially at our YRCM again this year.  It’s been a few months since we received the Christmas update about 20 year old Brenton Floyd (Harrison, TN).  Congratulations to him for so many new milestones:  (1) February 25, 2006 -  The 10th anniversary of his first marathon (294 marathons/ultras); (2) March 26, 2006 – His 300th marathon/ultra at Knoxville, Tennessee; (3) Winner of Darkside 8 Hour Run, Peachtree City, GA (46.46 miles); (4) To celebrate his April 7th 21st birthday, he completed the Umstead 100 Miler the next day in 25:45:43.  He’s amazing!  The next BIG milestone will be the completion of 50 States & DC for the 2nd time on September 2, 2006, at the Tantalis Triple Trek 50K in Honolulu, HI.  And he’s a really neat kid (young man, now), too!!  Ron Fowler continues his long string of daily runs.  For the second year in a row, he was the chauffeur/host of our YRCM guest Dick Beardsley.  He is another 6-time YRCM finisher.


Good to see Cheri Gillis (Woodinville, WA), a Marathon Maniac, at our race on April 1st and at other marathons.  We’re sorry to hear that Gayle Godfrey (Louisville, KY) has been battling knee problems and hope she’s running again by now.  Peter Graham (London, UK), secretary of the 100 Marathon Club United Kingdom & Ireland, ran our YRCM for the 4th time this year.  It was after his suggestion at our inaugural race five years ago on March 31, 2001, that we started the 100 Marathon Club North America.  Peter is working on becoming a 50 States finisher.  Good to see Janet Green (Courtenay, BC) at the recent Boston and Vancouver Marathons.  The December 2005 Tucson Marathon was #150 for her. 


Good phone conversation with Marathon Maniac Boonsom Hartman (Oak Forest, IL).  Good to hear from Wally Herman (Ottawa, ON) and receive the Florida newspaper clipping about the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge.  Welcome to wannabe Bob Hildebrandt (Fairbanks, AK) who hopes to run his #100 in October 2006.  Raymond Hoyle (Watford Herts, UK) ran the YRCM for the third consecutive year.


It’s always great staying with Karl Jensen (North Vancouver, BC) for the Vancouver Marathon.  He’s still running a lot of ultras.  Marathon Maniac Davy Jones (Seattle, WA) was another runner who completed all 6 Yakima River Canyon Marathons.


Sharon Kerson (Culver City, CA) completed marathon #336 at the inaugural Pocono Mountains Run for the Red Marathon that ended at Stroudsburg, PA, on May 5, 2006.  Sharon is a 3 Time 50 States Finisher, and she has run a marathon on five continents (all but Africa and Antarctica).  It was so nice to receive a note from our “idol” Helen Klein (Rancho Cordova, CA) after she read the book Running in the Zone.  There were good comments in this book about her amazing endeavors.  On April 17, 2006, Andy Kotulski (Montclair, NJ) ran his 29th consecutive, qualifying Boston Marathon.  He’s a member of the Quarter Century Club, a small group who have completed 25 consecutive Boston Marathons.  Andy has run all Canadian provinces and 50 states 5 TIMES…..and his 562+ marathons have taken him all over the world, from Egypt to Istanbul, to Thailand, Cuba etc.  Another marathoner on the “injured list” is Jim Kunz (Seattle, WA).  We hope he “mends” soon and will be back running marathons again.  Good to receive reports from Don Lang (Glendale, CA)  about his many, many marathons.  Good to see John Lent (Waltham, VT) at marathons and to have him run our YRCM this year.  Before Helmut Linzbichler (Austria & Harbor Springs, MI) turns 65 on August 31, 2006, he wants to complete his “USA Mission”…….run a marathon in all states & DC, climb all state highpoints, ascend all 57 Colorado Fourteeners (summits higher than  14,000 ft.), climb every volcano in the Cascades Range, and take a picture of the capitol of all states.  By October 3, 2005, he had finished all highpoints and state capitols, and he’ll become a 50 States & DC Finisher on June 3rd at the Ridge Runner Marathon in West Virginia.  He said that his toughest challenge was the logistic work in regard to figuring out how to connect marathons, highpoints and state capitols in the most effective way.  Good to see Phil Little (Apopka, FL) at our YRCM.  Bob Livitz (Houston, TX) ran his 135th marathon at the Sunmart 50K in Huntsville, Alabama, on December 10, 2005. 


Here’s news about a “really crazy” Marathon Maniac…..Larry Macon (San Antonio, TX) ran 69 marathons in 2005!    Good to see Jon Mahoney and his wife Sherry Wille at the YRCM and other races.  In the wheelchair division at the YRCM  Jerry Martin (Spokane Valley, WA) broke his own course record by hand-cranking to a 1:52:20 finish!  Good to hear from Tom “Hi Guy” Matti (Arlington Heights, IL).  Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivary (North Andover, MA) is another member of the Boston Quarter Century Club, and he accomplished this the hard way.  After his job as race director is over on race day, he runs the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston.  This year he finished at 9:45 p.m.!!!  Good to see octogenarian Don McNelly (Rochester, NY) at Little Rock on March 5th and Ultra Al Miller (Deer Island, OR) at the Vancouver Marathon on May 7th.  Another Brit who ran the YRCM for the third consecutive year is Alan Morton (Twynn-Gwynedd, Wales).  We enjoy the many postcards and letters he sends from his worldwide marathoning.  His current totals are 325 road marathons, 36 off-road marathons and 19 ultras.


Jose Nebrida (Chicago, IL) ran his 6th consecutive YRCM and has carried the American flag in the last five of them.


Good to see Mae Palm (Garibaldi Highlands, BC) at the Vancouver Marathon.  It was great to spend time with Lynda Petri (Morengo, IL) at the Boston Marathon.  Marathon Maniac founder Tony Phillippi (Tacoma, WA) ran 18 marathons in 2005.  He was the overall winner once and came in 2nd twice.  His best time was 2:55:45.  Another Marathon Maniac, Mel Preedy (Ravensdale, WA), will complete #300 at the Capital City Marathon in Olympia, Washington, on May 21st.


Good to see Layne Reibel (Oviedo, FL) at some marathons.  Tom Ripley (Sammamish, WA) and Chris Ralph (Kirkland, WA) ran the YRCM as a training run for the Ididasport Race in Alaska where they’re required to pull a sled loaded with their supplies.  To get the correct muscles in shape for this, Tom dragged a tire behind him for 26.2 miles on April 1st!!  We appreciate the support we’ve received over the years of our 100 Marathon Club North America members who have joined us for the YRCM.  This year we were pleased that Edwin Roth (Koeln, Germany) and his wife Monika ran our race and added their German flag to our display of colors at the start and finish areas. Henry Rueden (DePere, WI) keeps updated lists with the dates of marathons that are available.  It was really special that Edson Sanches (New York, NY) ran our marathon on April 1st.  Ray Scharenbrock (South Milwaukee, WI) has some challenging goals for 2006:  (1) Complete his NINTH circuit of 50 states & DC; (2) Finish an ultra in all states & DC; (3) Complete a sanctioned half marathon in all states.  After a story about Ray was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dr. Gary N. Guten, an orthopedic surgeon, contacted him about using him as the subject of a research study.  He wanted to examine “what makes this 72 year old runner tick.”  His interesting findings and a picture of Ray were published in the same newspaper on January 1, 2006.  (In the first article we learned that he has 15 siblings.  This time we found out that he wears New Balance size 12EEEE shoes!)  Jim Scheer (Vancouver, WA), a Marathon Maniac ran his 6th consecutive YRCM.  Marathon Maniacs Gunhild & Jack Swanson (Spokane, WA) came to our YRCM.  It was Gunhild’s last marathon before her scheduled foot surgery.


Good to see Cathy Troisi (Seneca Falls, NY) at Memphis, Orlando and Boston.


Michael Wakabayashi (Spokane, WA) was another runner at our race on April 1st.  Marathon Maniac Gregg Walchli (Seattle, WA) is a 50 States & DC finisher who had a super marathon year in 2005.  For the 21 marathons he ran, his best time was 2:51:37.  He was the overall winner of four of these races, 2nd place finisher once, and 3rd two times.  We continue to receive the interesting reports and pictures from all over the world from John “Maddog” Wallace (Longboat Key, FL & Silverthorne, CO).  As of February he had run 256 marathons in 76 countries and is the record holder for the most countries in Europe (51).  Good to hear from Carol Westerman (Louisville, KY) and hope she’s back at running again.  By the end of 2005 Bill Whipp (Cincinnati, OH) had run 182 marathons, with 156 of them happening after his total knee replacement.  It was good to see Jay Jacob Wind (Arlington, VA) again at the Boston Marathon Race Directors Workshop. 


Good to hear from Lynn Yarnall (Edmonds, WA) and to see another Marathon Maniac founder Steve Yee (Renton, WA) at a lot of the races.  He’s another 6-time YRCM finisher.


To make this truly an “A to Z” report, we’ll add that Gayle Godfrey let us know that she accompanied Dale & Sandra Zanchi (Louisville, KY) to the marathon at Walker, MN.





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If you need help, here are the answers to the eleven questions about our club members.



(1)   Steve Boone, Brenton Floyd & Mel Preedy; (2) Dave McGillivary & Bob

Dolphin; (3) John Bozung; (4) Elaine Doll-Dunn; (5) Andy Kotulski; (6) Raymond Hoyle & Alan Morton; (7) Jerry Martin: (8) Tom Ripley; (9) Edwin Roth; (10) Gregg Walchli; (11) Larry Macon.


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If you would like to order one, please send a check for $20.00 (made out to Lenore Dolphin) and tell us how you want it personalized.


In addition, we have a new supply of 100 Marathon Club North America pins (in multiples of 100) --- cost is $10.00.  There are a few size Medium and Extra Large Teal T-shirts on hand, and we will get more Large ones when there are orders for some ---cost is $15.00 (plus $2.00 for postage).


We appreciate the many kind comments about the newsletter and welcome updates and input from all.  We’re also grateful that so many of you have supported our Yakima River Canyon Marathon, and we feel truly blessed to have so many friends wherever we go for a marathon. 




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