There are spaces on the 100 Marathon Club North America registration form to list marathons #100, 200, 300 and 400.  When Norm Frank of Rochester, NY, joined the club, he filled in those four spaces and added #500, 600, 700 and 800 under “Special Accomplishments”………along with:  (1) 30 consecutive Boston marathons; (2) Held world record for most marathon completions in 1994, 1995 and 1996; (3) Ran all 50 states; (4) Ran at least one marathon a month for 215 consecutive months (18 years).  That was a few years ago when his marathon count was 650 marathons and 158 ultras for a total of 808!


Norm was 35 years old when he ran his first marathon on April 17, 1967, at Boston in a time of 3:56.  His milestone marathons are as follows:

            100 – Erie Marathon, September 9, 1978, 3:47

            200 – Midnight Sun 50 Miler, 11:12

            300 – Almost Heaven, W.V., 4:20

            400 – Boston Marathon, April 16, 1990, 4:33

            500 – Erie Marathon, September 18, 1993, 4:34

            600 – Vermont City, May 26, 1996, 5:10

            700 – Rocket City, December 10, 2000, 6:35

            800 – December 14, 2002, 5:45


Exactly 38 years, 7 months and 16 days after his marathon debut at Boston, 74 year old Norm Frank will run his 900th marathon at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon on December 3, 2005.


It’s appropriate that he holds the distinction of being the 100th person to join the 100 Marathon Club North America.  We’re honored to have him as a member and send

Congratulations to Norm as he reaches the new milestone of 900 Marathon Completions!!!


WELCOME to six new members.


Dave Bell Highlands Ranch, CO) joined the club at the Breakers Marathon in Newport, RI, on October 22, 2005.  He ran his first marathon, the Steamboat Marathon in Colorado, on June 4, 1995.  Following the pattern of many of our club members, he scheduled the same marathon for his 100th.  Ten years and one day later, June 5, 1005, the Steamboat Marathon was #100 for him.


At a meal following the September 11, 2005, Skagit Flats Marathon, three marathoners became new members.  (1) Tony Covarrubias (Auburn, WA) is a well-known fast runner in the Seattle area.


The Seattle Marathon on November 27. 1978, was the first one for (2) Rick Haase (Shoreline, WA), and his 100th marathon/ultra was the Kettle Moraine 100 Miler on June 4, 2005.  His 26.2 mile PR is 2:59:11, and a special accomplishment is his record of having run at least one marathon per year since 1978.


(3) Tony Phillippi (Tacoma, WA) ran his first marathon at Portland (Oregon) on October 4, 1998, and recently completed his 100th at the August 14, 2005, Haulin’ Aspen Marathon at Bend, Oregon.  His PR is 2:53:37, and his “claim to fame” is that he set a world record with that time by running the race wearing sandals!  Tony is the second of the three founders of the Marathon Maniacs Club (www.marathonmaniacs.com) to become eligible to join the 100 Marathon Club.  He joins “Main Maniac” Steve Yee (Renton, WA)…..see Newsletter #9, January 28, 2005.


We first met Francesco Criniti (Philadelphia, PA) two years ago at the Oklahoma Marathon in Tulsa.  He was so excited to hear about the 100 Marathon Club that he purchased both of our club shirts and asked to become a wannabe member.  He changed that status on April 18, 2005, when he completed his 100th marathon at Boston.  His first marathon was on November 19, 2000, so to reach this goal so rapidly he has averaged almost two marathons per month!


Another new member who used the same marathon for #1 and #100 is Jay Johnson (Sauk Rapids, MN).  The race was the Twin Cities Marathon in October 1994 and the most recent one on October 2, 2005.  Jay’s PR of 2:40:48 helped contribute to his overall win of three marathons, including the Martian Marathon in Michigan in 2003.  He completed all 50 states in October 2004.


Helmut Linzbichler (Austria and Michigan) Update (as promised in Newsletter #10, July 13, 2005):  Helmut’s basic statistics are as follows:  First Marathon – October 26, 1985, Graz, Austria….100th Marathon, October 11, 1998, Graz, Austria;  PR of 2:59:18   His fields of activity are many, and his accomplishments are great.  Beginning in 1961, he has participated in extreme mountaineering that includes ascents in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Alaska, Russia, Mexico, South America etc.  In addition to completing a marathon in all 50 states & DC, he has reached the “highpoint” in all 50 States & DC and has photographed all 50 state capitols plus DC.  He has reached the summit of all 57 peaks in Colorado that are higher than 14,000’ and explored the volcanoes in the Cascade Range.


Running highlights include the 1992 Transamerica Footrace from Huntington Beach, CA, to New York in 64 days; 350K solo race in 1994 along the River Mur in Austria in 57:51 hours; 1,300 mile solo double crossing of the Austrian Alps in 2000 in 40 days; many U.S. 100 milers and the July 1998 Badwater 135 mile run in July through Death Valley.


He is also a licensed pilot, certified ski instructor and referee, and licensed instructor for rescue swimming.  He’s amazing!!!





Again, we’ve had a great response by our 164 members since the last newsletter, and we’ll share the information we’ve received.


1.      Which famous speaker/author/runner sat in Row 22 with the Dolphins on a

Flight from Washington, DC, to Chicago?

2.      Who joins Henry Rueden and Don Lang at the 400 marathon milestone in


3.      Who will run his 300th marathon the day after his 21st birthday in 2006?

4.      Which 82 year old runner was featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Marathon & Beyond for running the Tahoe Triple in 2004 at age 81?

5.      Who completed 7 continents in 7 months?

6.      Who has carried the American Flag in 38 marathons (25 different states) since 9/11/01?

7.      Who completed 50 states for a 4th time on August 21, 2005?

8.      Who has 15 siblings???

9.      Which 84 year old runner has completed 113+ marathons since turning 80?

10.  Who is the first runner to complete a marathon in all 51 countries of Europe?


The answers will be found on the next few pages (and at the end of this section).


Tom Adair (Atlanta, GA), new president of the 50 States Marathon Club, completed his 200th career marathon on August 6, 2005 at the Hot to Trot 8-Hour Run in Atlanta, GA.  On September 4, 2005, at the Tupelo Marathon he completed his 120th consecutive marathon month (10 years), and on October 1, 2005, he became a 2nd time 50 States Finisher at the New Hampshire Marathon.


Good to hear from Steve Barrick, race director of the Green River Marathon.  The 10th annual running of this race (from Kent to West Seattle in Washington state) will be held on the first weekend of June 2006.  Good to see Frank Bartocci (Rochester, MN) at the recent Breakers Marathon in Rhode Island.  Lois Berkowitz (Dearborn, MI) likes the articles that Bob Dolphin writes about his marathons and often wants to run these races next year! 


We enjoy receiving the many postcards form the world marathoning travels of our United Kingdom members.  Roger Biggs (Stevenage, UK) and Jack Brooks (St. Albans, UK) wrote to us from Melbourne, Australia, Cape Town, South Africa, Budapest, Hungary etc.  Roger is still trying to catch up with Bob’s marathon total of 370, to date.  Good to see Mike Brooks (Danville, ME) at Crater Lake and Marine Corps Marathons.


Wannabe John (The Penguin) Bingham (Chicago, IL) found the Dolphins at Gate #30 at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. on October 31st.  They were waiting for American Airlines Flight #345 to O’Hare (with a connecting flight home to Seattle).  After this surprise, we discovered that he and his wife Jenny had seats across the aisle from us in Row 22!  For this year’s Green River Marathon Jim Boyd (Seattle, WA) provided clever finishers medals with a picture of the 2004 women’s winner Van Phan on them.  John Bozung (Orem, UT) completed his 200th Marathon at Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 25, 2005.  We met Cliff Burgess (Hewitt, TX) for the first time at the inaugural Oktoberfest Marathon in Leavenworth, WA, on October 1, 2005.  Good to hear from Amby Burfoot (Emmaus, PA), Todd Byers (Longbeach, CA), and Harry Curtis (Cincinnati, OH).  Kudos to Steve & Paula Boone (Humble, TX) for helping to provide a marathon in Rhode Island (Breakers at Newport on October 22, 2005).


Good to hear from Susan Daley (Chicago, IL).  The San Francisco Marathon was #190 for Carol Dellinger (Spokane, WA).  Just around the corner is #200.  Good to see Eugene DeFronzo (Waterbury, CT) at the Breakers Marathon & Nifty 50K and 50 Miler on October 22nd.   Bob Dolphin (Renton & Yakima, WA) wrote a chapter for two books that were published in 2005.  In the book From Fairbanks to Boston – 50 Great U.S. Marathons he described our Yakima River Canyon Marathon that was listed as one of the 50.  Running in the Zone, authored by Canadians Steve King and Dan Cumming, is a book for “seasoned runners” (those over 50).  Bob’s chapter is titled, “Goal Setting and Adjusting Expectations.”


A milestone for Steve Edwards (Ansty Nr Coventry, England) was his 400th Marathon in April at the London Marathon.  His target is to run his 500th at London in 2012, the year they have the Olympics and the year he turns 50.  After 65 marathons and 139 ultras Eb Englemann (Salem, OR) reports that this sport still is fun, challenging and healthful (most of the time).


At the Kelowna Apple Triathlon, an Olympic distance event, on August 21, 2005, Evan Fagan (Victoria, BC) set a PR and placed 4th in his age category.  But most important, he qualified for the 2005 Age Groupers World Championships held in Honolulu, HI, at Waikiki Beach on October 9, 2005.  The weekend after his first Ironman at Kelowna, (in spite of crashing his bike) he finished the Ironman Canada in Pentiction, BC.  Good to see Virginia Farneman (Powell, OH) at a lot of races.  As of August 4, 2005, twenty year old Brenton Floyd (Harrison, TN) needs only Hawaii and Utah to finish the 50 states a 2nd time!  The plan for his 300th marathon is to run the Umstead 100 Miler on April 8, 2006, (the day after his 21st birthday).  YEAH!!!  (Quote from Brenton.)  Thanks to Brenton and his grandmother Betty Burrell for the clever Thanksgiving greeting via e-mail.


Good to hear from Cheri Gillis (Woodinville, WA) and Gayle Godfrey (Louisville, KY).  Peter Graham (London, England) is another Brit who keeps us informed of his races with postcards.  Good to see Janet Green (Courtenay, BC) at the October 9th Royal Victoria Marathon.


The postcard from another Brit, Ray Hoyle (Watford Herts, UK), tells us that he hopes to run the Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 1, 2006. 


Wannabe Bruce Katter (Edmonds, WA) completed the 50 States on September 11, 2005, at the Erie Marathon in Erie, PA.  Good to see Sharon Kerson (Culver City, CA) at the Marine Corps Marathon Expo.  The Sept/Oct 2005 Marathon and Beyond  magazine featured Helen Klein (Rancho Cordova, CA) in an article titled “Triple Threat….Helen Klein’s Tahoe Triple Marathon Sets a New Standard for Mature Athletes.”  On October 7, 8 & 9, 2004, she completed the Tahoe Triple Marathon by running a marathon a day to complete the 78-mile loop around the lake.  She completed this challenging, high altitude event just before her 82nd birthday!  The article included an interview with her husband Norm Klein, crew captain for this Tahoe Triple adventure and a race director of multiday races and 14 Western States 100 Milers.


Don Lang (Glendale, CA) sends interesting reports on his “almost weekly” marathons, and our paths cross several times a year at races.  Good to hear from Bob Lehew (Tulsa, OK).  Nita Kay LeMay (Hawthorn Woods, IL) has completed a marathon on all 7 continents and sent us her interesting article, “7 continents in 7 months or It’s Only Money.”  Planning and frequent flyer miles made it affordable ($14,000 plus eight weeks of vacation time) and well worth it in terms of adventure.


Welcome to a new wannabe, Doug MacLean (Mercer Island, WA).  He’s the owner of Talking Rain, water sponsor for many running events.  Larry Macon (San Antonio, TX) continues with his maniacal totals, and we’re always glad to see him at a race.  At the last count he was nearing 70 marathons for 2005……and there are still races to run before the year ends!  He ran his 100th marathon at Little Rock on March 7, 2004, and his 200th marathon 17 and ½  months later at Iowa Trails on August 26, 2005.  That’s an average of almost 6 marathons per month!!  The Royal Victoria Marathon on October 9, 2005, was #205 for Jon Mahoney (Vernon, BC).  A postcard from Edinburgh, Scotland, came from Alan Morton (Twyn-Gwyness, Wales) after he ran the Edinburgh Marathon on September 4, 2005.  He planned to run his 500th Half Marathon on September 25th at the Anglesey Marathon and he hopes to return for his third consecutive Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 1, 2006.  Tom “HiGuy” Matti (Arlington Heights, IL) ran his 150th marathon in Chicago on October 9th.  The new roof on the Dolphin Renton home has a name, “The Rich Menzel Roof.”  It was installed in July by roofer/runner wannabe Rich Menzel (Everett, WA).  Wannabe Dana Mosell (Walnut, CA) was the first person to register online for the sixth annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon next April.  New wannabe Cheryl Murdock (Marathon Maniac #117 from Pensacola, FL) plans to run her 100th marathon next February.


Good to see Stan Nakashima (Mt. Vernon, WA) at the September 11, 2005, Skagit Flats Marathon in Burlington, WA.  At the July San Francisco Marathon Jose Nebrida
(Chicago, IL) carried the American flag at his 38th consecutive marathon since 9/11/01.  He is halfway to his goal of running with the flag in all 50 states in tribute to those who lost their lives at the attacks that day and in gratitude for the opportunities America has given to him……a Philippines native who is now a U.S. citizen.


After months of family tragedies and concerns Lynda Petri (Morengo, IL) is able to resume her active marathon schedule.  This includes a return to our April YRCM.  Mel Preedy (Ravensdale, WA), 72, ran a 3:48:56 at the Portland Marathon in Oregon on October 9, 2005, for a first place in the 70-74M division.  It was good to get acquainted by phone with Ray Prizgintas (Los Angeles).  We look forward to meeting him in April.


Good to see Layne Reibel (Oviedo, FL) at the Breakers Marathon in Rhode Island.  Race directors Chris Ralph (Kirkland, WA) and Tom Ripley (Sammamish, WA) reported that there were 15 men and 2 women from 9 states and B.C. who started their 2005 PLAIN 100.  The two finishers (from Oregon and Hawaii) had times of 33:53:57 and 34:52:10.  In spite of the rain, hail, snow, wind, sun, dust, mud, rocks, grass, and stinging insects everyone had a good time (???)  Good to hear from Delbert Reed (Omaha, NE).  It was great seeing the “new” Henry Rueden at the Breakers Marathon.  He’s back from Iraq and completed his 400th marathon in San Francisco on July 31, 2005.


Edson Sanches (New York, NY) completed 50 states for a 4th time on August 21, 2005, at Humpey’s in Anchorage, Alaska.  The current total of marathons (as of July 2005) for John Schaap (Louisville, KY) is 129.  An article in the October 9, 2005, Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel featured Ray Scharenbrock (South Milwaukee, WI) and Don McNelly (Rochester, NY).  The headlines were:  “Time doesn’t limit these marathon men” and “Marathon men are breaking different sorts of records at ages 72 and 84.  Ray, at age 72, has run marathons or ultras in all 50 states & DC 8 times and is close to completing his 9th circuit.  He’s the first person to complete a full and a half marathon on all 7 continents.  A new goal for him is to be the first person to complete a half marathon in all the states and DC.  This article told us that Ray grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and was one of 16 children in his family.  Don, at age 84, has completed 679+ marathons.  Since turning 80, he has finished over 113 marathons or ultras, more than any other runner in the world.  He has sent a challenge to 71 year old Don Lang to beat his over-80 record.  Don (Lang) has accepted this challenge….with the provision that Don (McNelly) live long enough to see it happen!


Joining us at the Crater Lake and Marine Corps Marathons was Jim Scheer (Vancouver, WA).  Steve Schumacher (Orange, CA) ran his first marathon in December 1978.  The marathon he ran in December 2004 marked the 26th consecutive year that he has run at least one marathon.  New wannabe Suzy Seely (Houston, TX) plans to run her 100th marathon at Sunmart.  After hip and knee replacement Seth Sundin (Gresham, OR) hopes to return to running….and finish his last three states.


It’s always good to hear from Cathy Troisi (Seneca Falls, NY).


After a year of fighting injuries Michael Wakabayashi (Spokane, WA) is back on the marathon courses.  John Maddog Wallace (Longboat Key, FL & CO) continues to keep us informed of his many running adventures.  After completing the Bihacki Jesenji Marathon in Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina on October 15, 2005, he became the first person in the world to run a marathon in every country in Europe.  His statistics that day became:  251 marathons, 75 countries and the 51st country in Europe.  Since then he completed a marathon on Mt. Everest!  Good to hear from Ray Wold (Lebanon, OR).  As of October 1, 2005, Greg Walchli (Seattle, WA) had a total of 137 marathons/ultras.  John Jacob Wind (Arlington, VA) filled out his 100 Marathon Club registration form at the recent Marine Corps Marathon Race Directors Boot Camp.  The Marine Corps Marathon was his first (November 1978) and his 100th (October 31, 2004).  He was the winner of the 1980 Delaware Minuteman Marathon and 2000 East Coast USATF 1500m championship.


Dale and Sandra Zanchi (Louisville, KY) completed their #110 marathon at Walker, Minnesota, in September.


To finalize this report “From Adair to Zanchi”….it was good to see these Washingtonians at recent Pacific Northwest races:  Ron Fowler, Steve Frederickson, Davy Jones, Greg Judge, Jim Kunz, and Gunhild & Jack Swanson.


If you need help, here are the answers to the ten questions about our club members.


(1)   John “The Penguin” Bingham; (2) Steve Edwards; (3) Brenton Floyd; (4) Helen Klein; (5) Nita Kay LeMay; (6) Jose Nebrida; (7) Edson Sanches; (8) Ray Scharenbrock; (9) Don McNelly; (10) John Maddog Wallace.


No Fooling……this is the time to sign up for the April 1, 2006, Yakima River Canyon Marathon where you can run with Dick Beardsley and a lot of 50 Staters.


Seasons Greetings to All!!!



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