WELCOME to eight new members.


Frank Bartocci (Rochester, MN) joined the club on April 1, 2005, at the fifth annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon (YRCM) packet pickup/expo.  The Dallas White Rock Marathon in Texas on December 4, 1983, was his first marathon, and his 100th Marathon was on May 27, 2001, at the Med City Marathon in Rochester, MN.  His total is over 168, and he became a 2nd time 50 States Finisher at the Triple Crown Marathon at Newark, DE, on April 30, 2005.


New on the board of directors of the 50 States Marathon Club is vice president Marv Bradley (Canon City, CO).  He ran his first marathon on June 7, 1992 at Steamboat Springs, Co, and his 100th at the Texas Marathon at Kingwood, TX, on January 1, 2005.  He completed 50 states on December 8, 2002, at Honolulu and needs 15 states for a 2nd time around.  Including Leadville 100 in Colorado, he has completed five 100 milers.


Cheri Gillis (Woodinville, WA) ran her 141st marathon/ultra at the inaugural Virginia Mason Team Medicine Marathon @ Seafair (Seafair Marathon) in Bellevue, WA, on July 10, 2005, and joined the 100 Marathon Club NA the night before at the Marathon Maniac’s pre-race dinner in Seattle.  Cheri’s picture was on the cover of Northwest Runner magazine (March 2002) prior to the publication of her popular book, 50 Trail Runs in Washington, a popular guidebook to the best trail runs in the state.


The Philadelphia Marathon in Pennsylvania on November 23, 1986, was the 1st marathon for John Lent (Waltham, VT), and the Glass City Marathon at Toledo, OH, on April 10, 2005, was his 100th marathon/ultra.  He completed all 50 states on October 4, 1997, in St. George, Utah, and all Canadian Provinces and Territories on August 26, 2001, at Yellowknife, NWT.  In addition to running, his other hobby is climbing/hiking to the highest point of each of the 50 states.  As a member of the Highpointers Club he met his goal on July 4, 2001, by climbing to the top of King’s Peak in Utah to complete the 50 states.


We first met Helmut Linzbichler (Austria and Michigan) at our fourth annual YRCM on April 3, 2004.  This year he was one of a group of eight who made the trip to southern Alaska for the Prince of Wales Marathon on May 28, 2005.  It was there that he decided to join the 100 Marathon Club NA.  His many, exciting adventures and undertakings will be shared in the next newsletter.


At the first-ever Boston Marathon race directors workshop prior to the April 18, 2005, race, Boston’s race director Dave McGillivray (North Andover, MA) asked all in attendance to introduce themselves.  Bob Dolphin was wearing his 100 Marathon Club NA shirt and mentioned that he was the director of this club.  Dave said that he qualified, and asked about joining.  He has a total of 118 marathons, and with a time of 2:29:58 he probably has one of the best PR’s in the club!  He was a participant in the 1978 Run Across America, the 1981 Run up the East Coast, and the 2004 Relay across America.  Check out his website:  www.dmsesports.com.


“Ultra” Al Miller (Deer Island, OR) joined the club last Saturday, July 9th, at the packet pickup/expo for the Seafair Marathon.  He has run 165 marathons, 26 ultras and three 100 milers.


Gina Moore just moved from Dallas back to her hometown of San Marcos, TX.  The Smokey Mountain Marathon in Tennessee on February 28, 1998, was her first marathon, and her 100th marathon was at Boston on April 18, 2005.  She is the board member of the 50 States Marathon Club who is in charge of Reunions.


The 100 Marathon Club – From “A” to “Z”


It’s always great to hear from and about our 158 members.  We’re sharing the information we’ve received, thanking those who responded to the request about my first-time effort with Word, and congratulating those with outstanding accomplishments.


      1.  Who ran 220 miles in 48 hours in a 2004 event?

  1. Who has been stationed in Iraq?
  2. From UltraRunning magazine, who were the first and second choices on the male/female list for top age-group performances in North America for 2004?
  3. Who is going to run his 400th marathon on his 71st birthday on July 31, 2005?
  4. Who has run longer at one time than anyone else has run before?
  5. Who ran in a 6-day race in April?
  6. Who puts a ladybug sticker on her bib for good luck?
  7. Who sends us the most e-mails?


Read on to find the answers to the above questions about our club members!!


Tom Adair is the president-elect of the 878 member 50 States Marathon Club.  A “Picturesque Dartmouth” postcard was sent to us by Michael Alsworth (Swindon Wiltshire, England).  He ran 16 marathons in 2004, and his recent total is 181.  On April 2, 2005, Dan Archambeau (Sebring, FL) ran our YRCM, his first marathon after mitral valve heart surgery and the installation of a pacemaker in June of 2004.


The grand prize winner of the Baltimore Running Festival/Metro Sports magazine contest was Gene Bandler (East Meadow, NY).  This 75 year old walker was also highlighted as the Everyday Hero in a local Newsday feature.  In 2004 he estimated that he drove his car 6,770 miles to distribute 246,546 pounds of food to the needy.  Race director Steve Barrick’s 9th annual Green River Marathon (from Kent to West Seattle in Washington state) was another successful event on June 4, 2005.  Steve was a five-time YRCM finisher on April 2nd.  Good to hear from Dick Bartlett Rock Hill, SC).  As editor of the 50 States Marathon Club newsletter, Lois Berkowitz (Dearborn, MI) keeps everyone informed of the accomplishments of this ever-growing organization.  She plans to join the Dolphins on their annual trip to the Prince of Wales Island Marathon in Craig, AK, in May of 2006.  This year two Brits, Roger Biggs (Stevenage, UK) and Jack Brooks (St. Albans, UK), spent 11 days with the Dolphin Marathon Team in the Pacific Northwest.  Together we enjoyed the Peach City Marathon in Penticton, BC, (with a side trip to Grand Coulee Dam) and the adventure to Ketchikan, AK, the ferryboat ride to POW Island, the marathon there, and the boat ride for whale watching and to visit the sea lions.  It was good to hear from John Bingham, the Penguin, who receives the 100 Marathon Club NA newsletter and will some day be eligible for membership.  Paula & Steve Boone (Humble, TX), officers of the 50 States Marathon Club, celebrated Steve’s 56th birthday on April 2, 2005, at the fifth annual YRCM.  (He wore bib #56!)  No fooling, April 1, 2006, will be the second quarter reunion marathon for the Club.  We’ll save #57 for you, Steve.  Paula ran her 150th marathon at Estes Park, CO, on June 19, 2005.  Jim Boyd (Seattle, WA) is a five-time YRCM finisher.  It’s always great to read his race reports.  For over 17 years John Bozung (Orem, UT) has run a marathon every month, that’s 204+ consecutive months!!  To celebrate his 52nd birthday this year, he’s running 52 marathons!!  He completed marathon #197 at the Seafair Marathon on July 10, 2005.  Lois Brown (Sebring, FL) retired from running marathons after the April 3, 2004, YRCM.  She was Dan Archambeau’s cheering section at this year’s race.  Amby Burfoot (Emmaus, PA), great runner and former editor of Runner’s World magazine is eligible to be a 100 Marathon Club NA member, but he hasn’t committed himself yet.  It’s great to hear from him, and we’re glad to respond to his website suggestion:  we have a volunteer to set one up for us!!  Ed Burnham (Kansas City, MO) was 81 when he ran our inaugural YRCM on March 31, 2001.  Now, at the age of 85 he wrote that his marathon running has deteriorated; however, he did run three marathons in 2004!  Todd Byers (Long Beach, CA) usually runs his marathons barefooted!


Another marathoner to run this year’s YRCM as his first marathon after major health problems was Chuck Cammack (Albany, OR).  Chemotherapy and radiation last fall had kept him from running races.  After completing his 100th marathon at Boston, it’s time for Francesco Criniti to move up from the wannabe list.  Good to hear from Harry Curtis (Cincinnati, OH).


Susan Daley (Chicago, IL) has completed her 300th marathon and more.  Help!  We need her e-mail and snail-mail addresses.  Good to hear from Rich DeCample.   On the finisher’s list of the Seafair Marathon July 10th was Eugene DeFronzo (Waterbury, CT).  He had his 4th time finish of 50 states at Bozeman, MT, on May 28, 2005.  Carol Dellinger (Spokane, WA) has completed 182 marathons in les than 15 years and is close to finishing her 200th soon.  Tom Detore (Lincoln, NE) reached his 200th milestone at his hometown on May 1, 2005.  Good to hear from Elaine Doll-Dunn (Spearfish, SD).  Bob Dolphin (Renton, WA) is a five-time YRCM finisher who just completed his 362nd marathon, the most for anyone in the Pacific Northwest.


Early in April Eb Engelmann (Salem, OR) participated in the inaugural Arizona Six Day Race in Douglas.


Good to hear from Evan Fagan (Victoria, BC) and Bob Fletcher (Fredericksburg, TX) and good to see Virginia Farneman (Powell, OH) at the YRCM  again.  Brenton Floyd, (Harrison, TN) grandson of Betty Mae Burrell (Harrison, TN) celebrated his 20th birthday on April 7th and completed his 250th marathon in Charlotte, NC, on May 1st.  In 2004 he ran 41 marathons (that included 19 ultras).  Ron Fowler (Seattle, WA) was the chauffeur and all-around good guy host for Dick Beardsley who was the celebrity guest for the fifth annual YRCM weekend.  Ron was a five-time finisher at this race.  It was good to see Steve Frederickson (Kent, WA) at the Seafair Marathon and good to hear from Gene Fritzell (Lutherville, MD).


Good to hear from Debbie Gobins (Phoenix, AZ).  We appreciate receiving the many postcards from all over the world sent by Peter Graham (London, England) and the other Brits.  Peter ran his 200th marathon in his hometown on April 17, 2005.  It was good to see Janet Green (Courtenay, BC) at the Peach City Marathon at Penticton, BC, on May 22, 2005.


Boonsom Hartman (Oak Forest, IL) ran her second YRCM this year.  Good to hear from Wally Herman.  This year’s London Marathon was also the occasion for Raymond Hoyle’s (Watford Herts, UK) 200th marathon.  He and Alan Morton ran their second consecutive YRCM in April.


Our annual host for the Vancouver Marathon, Karl Jensen, has moved from Richmond, BC, to North Vancouver.  Davy Jones (Seattle, WA) had a total of 117 marathons by the end of 2004 and was a five-time YRCM finisher.  We saw Greg Judge (Renton, WA) at the Seafair Marathon.


Bruce Katter (Edmonds, WA), a wannabe, was part of this year’s group for the POW Marathon adventure to Alaska.  Sharon Kerson (Culver City, CA) ran the Seafair Marathon.  She was a 3rd time finisher on May 29, 2005, at Rochester, MN.  The amazing accomplishments of 82 year old Helen Klein continue.  The March 2005 issue of UltraRunning magazine lists her in 2nd place (out of 10) for men and women for the best 2004 Age Group Performance of the Year!  At age 81, her time at the American River 50 Mile race was 12:31:59.  Andy Kotulski (Montclair, NJ) ran his 551st marathon at the Seafair Marathon on July 10th.   He has run marathons in 33 countries, at least 5 in each state, and three in each Canadian province/territory.  As a five-time finisher, Jim Kunz (Seattle, WA) received special attention at the YRCM awards ceremony/meal.  He and 33 other five-timers were awarded a jacket and certificate and were presented a bottle of Beeman’s Backacher’s Vineyard wine.


To celebrate his 71st birthday on July 31, 2005, Don Lang  (Glendale, CA) is going to run his 400th marathon/ultra in San Francisco, the same place he ran his first one just 13 years ago on August 30, 1992.  He has completed events in 41 different countries and almost five in every state.  The 2002 Boston Marathon was his 300th unrepeated marathon/ultra event worldwide.  His total is #1 on the west coast.  Good to see Bob Lehew (Tulsa, OK) at the Boston Marathon expo.  Nita Kay Lemay (Hawthorn Woods, IL) makes quilts in her spare time and shared her pictures of the really cool one she made from the T-shirts of her 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories marathons.  The reverse side is the Canadian flag.  Bob Livitz (Houston, TX) completed his 25th year as a committee member of the Houston Marathon where he specializes in the water stations and the mile markers. 


Good to see Larry Macon (San Antonio, TX) at the Seafair Marathon.  He’s a 10 star member of the Marathon Maniacs Club, the highest level of insanity!!  In 2004 he ran 58 marathons.  In a 10-week period he ran 21; NINE in one month; FOUR in 9 days!!!  Most recent milestones for Jon Mahoney (Vernon, BC) are his recent marriage and his 200th marathon!  Jerry Martin (Greenacres, WA) broke his own wheelchair course record at the 2005 YRCM  with a time of 1:54:20.  Between the ages of 70 and 84 Don McNelly (Rochester, NY) ran 390+ marathons.  More than 94 of these were after his 80th birthday on November 11, 2000.  Good to see wannabe Dana Mosell (Walnut, CA) at the Vancouver Marathon on May 8, 2005.  Alan Morton (Twyn-Gwyness, Wales) has run over 366 marathons/ultras on five continents, among them were the ones at the highest and lowest elevations (Mt. Everest and Dead Sea Marathons).  For the first two YRCM’s Joe Henderson, noted author from Eugene, OR, was the guest speaker at our pre-race pasta feed.  For our third and fourth events Joe introduced guest speaker Jose Nebrida (Chicago, IL) whom we all know as the patriotic runner who carries the American flag in each marathon he runs.  This year Jose returned to be one of the honored five-time finishers, and he introduced guest speaker Dick Beardsley, U.S. 4th fastest marathoner.


Good to see Mae Palm at the Peach City Marathon in Penticton, BC, and at the Vancouver Marathon.  At age 65 she’s breaking many course age division records!

We look forward to seeing Lynda Petri (Morengo, IL) at the Crater Lake Marathon in Oregon on August 13, 2005.  Mel Preedy (Ravensdale, WA) was a YRCM five-time finisher.


Steve Radigan (Fremont, CA) has run 109+ marathons.  Good to hear from Chris Ralph (Kirkland, WA) who specializes in ultras.  On Friday morning, March 25, 2005, Tucson Marathon race director Pam Reed (Tucson, AZ) started running on a 12½ mile loop on a highway frontage road between Picacho Peak and Marana, AZ.  Less than 80 hours (79:55) later on this Easter weekend, she had run 301 miles to wipe out the record of 262 miles of continuous running that was set in 2004!!!  In April she traveled to England to run the London Marathon and immediately afterwards she flew to Massachusetts to run the Boston Marathon backward and forward the next day!!  Pam was listed as 7th out of 10 by UltraRunning magazine (March 2005) in the category of 2004 Women’s Performance of the Year for running 220 miles in 48 hours at Surgeres 48 Hour event.  Good hearing from Edwin Roth (Cologne….Koeln….Germany).  Thanks go to Henry Rueden (DePere, WI and Iraq) for sending us two Multi-National Force-Iraq patches.  For awhile, he and other runners stationed in Iraq had to wear 20 pounds of body protection when doing their running!



Edson Sanches (New York, NY) completed his 400th marathon at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 26, 2005.  Ray Scharenbrock, we’ve missed seeing you for awhile.  Another YRCM five-time finisher was Jim Scheer (Vancouver, WA).  In the 143 marathon/ultras that Clay Shaw (York, PA) has run, he was the overall winner of the Wyoming Marathon in 1993 and the Nunayut Marathon (Canada) in 2000.  On June 4, 1995, at Steamboat Springs, CO, he became the first Pennsylvania runner to complete the 50 states, and on June 23, 2000, he was the first Pennsylvania runner to complete the 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories.  Jim Simpson (Huntington Beach, CA) has completed the 50 states for the second time.  He also has run his 100th California marathon.  Good to hear from Jerry Sullivan (Metairie, LA) and Seth Sundin (Gresham, OR).  After Gunhild Swanson (Spokane, WA) turned 60 on July 2, 2004, she broke course records in her age division at Portland, YRCM, Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, and many, many other events.  But her performance at the Javelina Jundred 100 Miler in Arizona in November 2004 was good enough for her to be listed by UltraRunning magazine (March 2005) as having the top age-group performance (men & women) in North America for 2004!!!  Her time was 22:37:46 for 100 miles!  Good to see Jack Swanson (Spokane, WA) winning his age division at a lot of marathons.


In the June 30, 2005, 50 States Marathon Club newsletter topping the list of Absolute Necessities that Cathy Troisi (Seneca Falls, NY) needs for good luck is a ladybug sticker on her bib.  Now we know who put the ladybug sticker on Bob Dolphin’s #1 bib at the YRCM last April!  Cathy is the new secretary of the 50 States Marathon Club.  Good to hear from Ralph Thompson (Akron, OH).


Good to hear from Dave Vent (Spokane, WA).


Good to see Michael Wakabayashi (Spokane, WA) at the Seafair Marathon.  Good to hear from Neil Wakelin (North Vancouver, BC) and to see him as a support person at the Vancouver Marathon.  To his long list of overall wins, Gregg Walchli (Seattle, WA) added the 2005 Pacific Crest Marathon at Sunriver, Oregon, on June 25th in a time of 3:09:28.  John Maddog Wallace (Longboat Key, FL and Silverthorne, CO) has the honor of being the club member who sends the most e-mails to the Dolphin Marathon Team.  We’re sure the reports of his many adventures all over the world are on their way before his running clothes from the race have had a chance to dry!!!  Good reports and good jokes (most of the time).  He’s training for the November 2005 Mt. Everest Marathon.  Good to see Bill Whipp (Cincinnati, OH) at the April YRCM.


Bart Yasso (Emmaus, PA) of Runner’s World is on our e-mail list……eligible, but not committed.  It was reported that his wife Laura Yasso was to accompany Pam Reed on 36 Hours of Madness, the London Marathon and Boston Double.  A Marathon Maniac founder, Steve Yee (Renton, WA) ran 41 marathons in 2004 and plans to run 52 this year.  Check the club’s website www.marathonmaniacs.com.


To make our a to z list complete, we need to hear from John Zeleznikow (Victoria, Australia).





If you need help, here are the answers to the questions about our club members.


(1) Pam Reed; (2) Henry Rueden; (3) Gunhild Swanson & Helen Klein; (4) Don Lang; (5) Pam Reed; (6) Eb Engelmann; (7) Cathy Troisi; (8) John Maddog Wallace.              




  1. The 6th annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 1, 2006, has been chosen as the second quarter reunion race for the 50 States Marathon Club.  Plan to join us for a great marathon weekend.  Hear guest speaker Dick Beardsley at our pre-race pasta feed and run with him the next day on our awesome course.
  2. From Fairbanks to Alaska – 50 Great U.S. Marathons has just been published by Rainmaker Publishing LLC.  The YRCM is one of the 50, and the chapter about it was written by Bob Dolphin.  To order a copy or to buy one in person, contact Lenore Dolphin (an agent for the publishers) at dolphinmteam@earthlink.net or by phone at (425)226-1518 (Renton), (509)966-0188 (Yakima) or (425)681-0154 (cell).  The cost is $16.95 (plus shipping and handling, unless we see you at the races!)
  3. The 100 Marathon Club North America does not collect dues, but relies on contributions and sales of merchandise to pay for postage and other expenses.  This is what is available:  club pins in multiples of 100 (at $10.00 each); short-sleeved teal T-shirts (on hand are 10 medium, 7 large, and 4 extra large); long-sleeved white T-shirts (on hand are 1 medium, 3 large, and 1 extra large).  The cost of T-shirts is $15.00 plus $2.00 for postage.
  4. John Elliott of www.marathonguide.com has offered to provide a website for the 100 Marathon Club North America!!!  You’ll be notified as soon as it happens.  Please send us the updates of your marathoning totals and accomplishments SOON.


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